It's Time to Prepare for Winter Driving. Really.

It’s important that everyone takesthe proper steps to prepare for winter driving. Failure to do so can result in accidents or being stranded in the cold without proper protection.

Have your snow tires or studded tires put on your vehicle as soon as the law allows, replacing any tire that has worn treads.

• Keep the battery properly charged and always carry a set of jumper
cables and/or alternate battery source.

• Dress properly for the conditions or have extra clothing and blankets
in the vehicle.

• Fully charge your cell phone daily in case of emergency.

• Carry extra water and food in the vehicle in case you get stuck or

• Keep a flashlight in your vehicle and make sure it has fresh batteries.

• Make sure your vehicle is in proper running order by staying on top of repairs.

• Check weather and road conditions before heading out. Don’t go in bad conditions.

We're pleased to share this information from our colleagues at MMG Insurance.

Always feel free to call your insurance agent with questions.  

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