It All Started Here!

By Art Jura | Nov 30, 2012
Photo by: Art Jura The names below the photo are from left-to-right for the two rows of people.

SOUTH THOMASTON — My life has always seemed an ongoing series of coincidences, and these "Blogs" that I like to write are usually reflections of this. During this August and September, I naively reported some controversy at our local Finnish Church. In the attempt to move onto safer ground, I switched to publishing translations of Finnish comic strips, which were quite well received. During this process, I stumbled across an old cartoon of my own, which I included in a Blog on Oct. 31st called "Trick or Treat?" This had originally been used as advertising, published 25 years ago for the "Oyster River Range" on Route 90 in Warren. On Nov. 20th, Village Soup published their news that DEP would soon be releasing plans for cleanup of the Warren rifle range!

Oh yes...did I ever tell you that I originally bought, built, and developed that acreage...with a lot of help from family and friends? However, I sold it when I retired. During that 20-year period, it also served an important service as a training area for law enforcement, military, and local shooting clubs. It would be wonderful if it could be resurrected!

The photo at the top of this Blog represents when all that started in 1970. This was a match between the Maine State Prison and the old Rockland Rifle & Pistol Club. This group picture was taken on the prison shooting range, which was located just below the old prison in Thomaston.

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