Is Your Milk Maine Milk?

How can you be sure your milk is coming from Maine?? Jenni from the Flood Farm in Clinton, Maine gave us the rundown on this... In the State of Maine you can usually count on reaching into the dairy case an 9 times out of 10 supporting Maine's 304 Family Dairy Farms....Hood, Oakhurst, Smiley's, Organic Valley along with a couple others... even most of the store brands are from Maine farmers and processed by Maine processors . If you want to be sure that your Maine milk is processed in Maine look for the Maine Quality Seal....and look for the plant code. If the plant code (often times located by the expiration date) starts with 23- then you are buying milk bottled in Maine. Don't be shy about asking your store managers about their dairy case! ...and never be shy about asking your neighbor farmer where their milk goes! The Flood's Family Farm proudly ships their milk to the Hood plant in Portland. Check out the site below to find where your milk comes from.
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