Is the Little Pony Dead Yet?

By Camden Hills Realty | May 17, 2014
Courtesy of: Camden Hills The blur in this picture is exactly how the little pony sees life about now... Is the Little Pony Dead Yet?

Help Wanted... Once there were two ponies, now there is one? I am told the other pony died?

At the corner of Pound Hill Road and Bay Ridge Road in Northport lives a sickly little pony. It looks to be undernourished, under exercised, and uncared for.  It smacks of a case of pure neglect.

The little pony lives in filth. There is little attention to basic sanitation. The little pony finds food by picking up straw, and grass that lay under, over and around its own urine and droppings.

I am told it is sick (does anyone wonder why?) and being treated. The pony’s ribs are now showing. The animal’s belly area is thin and somewhat sucked in. 

Our Animal Welfare officials are circling the wagons. Their paper work is in order relative to the complaint, but their actions are passive with regard to the health of the animal and fully taking charge. The little pony should be removed from its current environment. It is that simple.

At your place of worship or social gatherings this weekend discuss this story.  Drive by and take a look. Honk your horn so the little pony knows there may be help coming and the owner knows people are concerned about the neglect and conditions.

Northport’s Animal Control Officer can be reached on her cell number at 322-3237 or home 348-2042.  Or call the Northport Town Office. They are aware of the case and equally passive.

There is only one question to ask… Is the Little Pony Dead Yet?   


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Posted by: Margie Gerrish | May 18, 2014 22:38

Thank you, Heidi, for explaining your side of this story and supporting the owner's efforts to care for it properly.  It gives many people great comfort to know you did everything you could to make sure this mini horse has appropriate care and is in good health.

Posted by: Heidi Blood | May 18, 2014 17:21

My name is Heidi Blood, I am the ACO for Northport Maine. I received your complaint about the pony (which is actually a miniature horse) recently. The following day I went to the location and investigated your concerns. This horse in question has recently been seen by Ridge Runner Vet in Winterport Maine. She was updated on her annual vaccines as well as wormed. She also had her teeth floated and feet trimmed. According to her veterinarian she is of adequate weight and her general overall condition is good. The pasture she is in is adequate for her size and breed. She (as well as most miniature horses and ponies) should not be put on a lush green pasture because it can cause colic and/or founder and ultimately cause the death of the animal. Perhaps before you go accusing someone of animal neglect,  you should educate yourself on Equine care. Her paddock,  barn and feed/water tubs are properly cleaned on a regular basis.This horses ribs are barely visible, which is a sign of proper weight for a horse. Obesity is extremely detrimental to horses. Also, if you knew anything about horses you would most certainly not ask people to drive by and blow their horns, as this will only stress the horse out and make her anxious....which is not good for the health of any animal. May I ask you exactly what it is that you feel should be done? And if you feel I am not doing my job properly maybe you would be interested in educating yourself on animal health and applying for the position of Animal Control Officer....

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