Inmate charged with murder in stabbing death of fellow prisoner

Mar 04, 2014
Richard Stahursky.

Warren — Richard Stahursky, the 35-year-old suspect in the stabbing death of a fellow prisoner, was formally charged with murder March 4 by Maine State Police.

The victim, Micah Boland, 37, was killed Feb. 28. The Deputy Chief Medical Examiner Mark Flomenbaum said Boland died from multiple stab wounds of face, neck and torso with extensive hemorrhage and blunt impact of the head with bone fractures and brain injury, said a press release from state police spokesperson Steve McCausland.

Stahursky is likely to make his first appearance in Knox County Superior Court March 6 and he continues to be held at the prison. Detectives working with the Maine Attorney General’s Office filed paperwork at the court March 4 and then notified Stahursky of the charge, according to McCausland.

Boland served six years of a 22-year sentence for gross sexual assault. Stahursky was serving multiple sentences for a number of convictions. His earliest possible release date was November 2032, according to the Department of Corrections website.














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Posted by: Bill Packard | Mar 04, 2014 22:00

How does it make any sense to have a headline about a murderer with a picture of the victim?  What sense does that make?

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