Injured man on roof rescued with fire department ladder truck

By Jenna Lookner | Jan 26, 2013
Courtesy of: Cheyne Hansen Firefighters from Camden Fire Department used the ladder truck to assist Camden First Aid Association in removing an injured worker from a roof at Quarry Hill on Jan. 25.

Camden — Camden First Aid Association and Camden Fire Department worked together to aid a man who was injured while working on a roof at Quarry Hill in Camden around 12:30 p.m. Jan. 25, said Camden firefighter Cheyne Hansen.

Camden First Aid responded to a report of an injured worker on the roof a building at Quarry Hill, a village-style, Camden facility which offers independent living, assisted living and nursing services according to the Quarry Hill website.

Hansen said an access ladder was set up inside the building for workers, but because of the nature of the man's injury he was unable to reach that ladder to descend from the roof.

Hansen said he believed the man's knee was injured, rendering him unable to get down from the roof without assistance. Camden First Aid requested assistance from the Camden Fire Department ladder truck, said Hansen.

A crew of five firefighters, including Hansen, responded to the call, working alongside CFAA personnel to remove the injured man from the roof down the firetruck ladder. The injured man was transported down the ladder after being secured in a Stokes basket. Once on the ground, the man was taken by ambulance to Pen Bay Medical Center for treatment, said Hansen.

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Posted by: Stephanie Grinnell | Feb 06, 2013 13:11


The injured man's name and reason for being on the roof are not mentioned in the story for a couple of reasons. EMS workers — in this case the source of the information — are not allowed to release names or conditions of patients and the man did not do anything leading to interaction with law enforcement. In the case of accidents, police often release names of those involved regardless of fault but in this case, police were not called.

Stephanie Grinnell, Camden Herald associate editor

Posted by: Kim A Moran | Feb 05, 2013 19:12

and if he is over 18 why do we not know who he was?..have reporters stopped asking the hard questions/



Posted by: April L Berry | Jan 27, 2013 23:32

How is the story only half told? I think the story tells enough information. And why do we need to know what he was doing on the roof? It says he was working on it! You people are a little ridiculous with needing to know every little detail. A reporter can only get so much information. I think the reporters do a great job!Sorry,but I read these comments a lot and usually keep to myself but I feel the need to speak up once in awhile.


Posted by: Russell Garfield York | Jan 27, 2013 12:48

good job well done to camden fire and camdenfirst aide dose not matter what happened to him he needed halp getting off the roof again good job to all the people who helped

Posted by: Catherine L Leonard | Jan 27, 2013 12:27

Another story half told!

Posted by: Debra L Whittier | Jan 26, 2013 21:03

Clearing ice jams?

Posted by: pam paquette | Jan 26, 2013 19:45

what was he doing on the roof? saving pigeons?


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