Infant and Children Dental Care Advice

By Jennifer Noble | Jan 10, 2018

Children need assistance with a variety of tasks that must be completed each day, which includes caring for their teeth. With brushing and flossing, adult supervision is needed to ensure that the teeth are cleaned properly. For parents who are looking to improve their kids' oral hygiene, there are a few essential tips to follow.


Start with Floride Toothpaste


According to, provide your child with toothpaste that contains fluoride to strengthen their teeth and combats cavities that can develop. Start with using the size of a piece of rice on their toothbrush once they get their first tooth and then increase it to the size of a pea when they turn three. If your city doesn't use fluoride in their tap water or you have access to well water for your home, consider giving your children a daily fluoride supplement that is chewable.


Dr. Mila Cohen states, "Fluoride treatments are one of the best ways your pediatric dentist helps protect your children from cavities and tooth decay."


Use a Proper Technique


Your kids may regularly be brushing, but it doesn't mean that they're using the right technique. Teach your children to avoid brushing too aggressively, which can damage their teeth and gums while also wearing down the toothbrush. They should brush in circles and reach the back where their molars are located. They should be able to reach the different surfaces of their teeth in one minute.


Flossing daily is also essential, even for kids, to remove food particles that are lodged between the teeth. Opt for using disposal flossers, which are easy to use and will allow kids to have fun with the task.


Eat a Balanced Diet


According to, eating a balanced diet is essential to protecting the teeth from decay and strengthing them. They should get a high level of calcium and phosphorous, making it necessary to serve dairy products, lean meat, and whole grains each day. Limit your child's intake of citrus and fruits, which have natural sugar that can still lead to decay. Soft drinks, pretzels, candy, and dried food often lead to acid attacks that break down the enamel and cause cavities.


If your child drinks juice, provide them with a straw to reduce the amount of sugar and acidity that comes in contact with their teeth.


Use Mouthgear


Many kids are involved in sports or spend plenty of time playing outdoors, which requires mouthguards to be used to protect their teeth as they're active. Use a product that is comfortable and specific to each child's age, which can prevent a tooth from getting chipped or knocked out. If their teeth suffer damage while they're having fun, visit a dental professional immediately and keep any pieces that have broken off of the tooth. Avoid wiping down the tooth or cleaning it and place it in a cup of milk or water before giving it to the dentist. In some cases, the tooth can be placed back in the mouth.


Visit the Dentist Regularly


According to, choose a dentist that you trust and can treat your family. Schedule routine exams and cleanings every six months. Your kids can have tartar removed from their teeth and will also get x-rays to look for any underlying conditions that may be present.


Discourage Thumb-Sucking


Many infants and toddlers suck their thumb as a way to self-soothe and feel comforted. Children should stop sucking their thumb between the ages of two and four. Discourage thumb-sucking altogether, which can cause changes in their primary teeth. You'll also want to get rid of pacifiers that are used for many years. Kids who such their thumbs more aggressively will likely have teeth that are impacted by the habit. Reward their behavior when they stop sucking their thumb and find other ways that they can feel at ease throughout the day.


Caring for your little one's teeth is important to protect their oral health and allow them to have strong teeth that last a lifetime. With the right steps taken, you can have peace of mind knowing that they'll remain healthy and won't suffer from tooth decay.


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