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In many ways, Camden Hills rules KVAC Class B pool

Belfast, Oceanside, Medomak Valley water athletes also strong
By Ken Waltz | Feb 08, 2014
Photo by: Ken Waltz The reflection of Belfast's Lacey Durkee appears in the water as she performs the butterfly stroke during the Feb. 7 Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference Class B championship meet at the Bath Area Family YMCA.

Bath — It proved a banner night — a splashing success, if you will — for the Camden Hills swim team during the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference Class B championships on Friday, Feb. 7 at the Bath Family YMCA.

The Windjammers returned home with the male swimmer of the meet, the top coach and a championship team.

Swimmers from Belfast, Oceanside of Rockland/Thomaston and Medomak Valley of Waldoboro also competed in the meet and experienced strong times and top places.

The Camden Hills girls, unbeaten during the regular season, won the league crown Friday. Additionally, Windjammer Mark McCluskey was the event's male swimmer of the meet. Finally, Camden Hills coach Sara Cole was named coach of the year.

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The girls team scores were: Camden Hills 358, Morse of Bath 230, Winslow 164, Lincoln Academy of Newcastle 134, Belfast 104, Waterville 92, Gardiner 67, Erskine Academy of South China 65, Oceanside of Rockland/Thomaston 5 and Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 3.

The boys team scores were: Morse 307, Camden Hills 181, Waterville 167, Belfast 157, Erskine Academy 107, Lincoln Academy 91, Winslow 67, Oceanside 60, Gardiner 39 and Medomak Valley of Waldoboro 6.

Coach Cole said McCluskey won swimmer of the meet for his standout performance in the 50 freestyle, 100 free, 200 free relay and 400 FR . McCluskey is a team captain and "leads with enthusiasm and dedication to the sport and the team," she said. "Mark has been on the team for three years and has been a role model in and out of the pool.

"For three years running a Camden Hills swimmer has been selected as swimmer of the meet. In 2012, Marguax Scott was chosen as the girls winner and in 2013 Anabel Carter was chosen for her outstanding performance.

Cole said the Windjammers had a successful meet. The girls remained unbeaten and secured two relay firsts and several individual firsts. The boys finished second with only eight swimmers.

Windjammers Ella Scott (200 free, 500 free) McCluskey (50 free, 100 free), Kyle Crans (100 butterfly, 100 backstroke) and Julian Abaldo (200 free, 500 free) took firsts in their individual events.

Additionally, the Camden Hills girls 200 medley relay and 400 FR took firsts and the Windjammer boys 200 FR and 400 FR took firsts, with both comprised of McCluskey, Brandon Benson, Abaldo and Crans.

"We had such incredible swims by everyone — as seen by their times and places," Cole said. "This meet typically allows swimmers to shine and they often reach personal bests, and this year was no exception … Oceanside's Alden Mason had great swims in the 200 individual medley and 500 free. Jack and Sam Crockett from Oceanside both swam the 50 free and the 100 breast — always fun to see the twins duel it out — and Oceanside's Molly Tobin swam the 50 and a best in the 500 free. Medomak Valley's Gavin Felch had a season-best in the 100 free."

Cole said the swimmers are "training hard with dedication and enthusiasm, and assistant coach Ben St. Cyr and I are both exceptionally excited for the swimmers as they approach states."

Qualifying Belfast, Camden Hills, Medomak Valley and Oceanside swimmers and divers will participate in the state Class B championship meets on Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 17-18 at Bowdoin College in Brunswick. The events will take place for most of the day. The girls will be Monday and boys on Tuesday.

The individual results for Midcoast swimmers were:

Girls 200 medley relay — 1, Camden Hills (Emma Gutheinz, Moira Pieri, Anabel Carter, Helen Carter), 1:59.65; and 6, Belfast (Brittany Steele, Lacey Durkee, Jessica Clapp, Kaylen Ottman), 2:24.89.

Boys 200 MR — 3, Belfast (Kevin Miller, Andrew Goguen, Garrett Smith, Hendrick Andrews), 2:04.26.

Girls 200 free — 1, Ella Scott, CH, 2:08.38; 2, Eliza Carter, CH, 2:11.68; 3, Kaylen Ottman, Bel, 2:12.41; 8, Maddie Karod, CH, 2:26.67; 9, Lacey Durkee, Bel, 2:30.52; and 11, Yanmei McElhaney, CH, 2:33.37.

Boys 200 free — 1, Julian Abaldo, CH, 1:54.12; 6, Jack Schnetzer, Bel, 2:05.08; 9, Jackson Winslow, Bel, 2:10.17; 10, Gavin Felch, Med, 2:17.17; 13, Aubrey Heald, CH, 2:35.84; and 15, Justin Lopez, CH, 2:38.58.

Girls 200 individual medley — 2, Emma Gutheinz, CH, 2:23.82; 4, Catherine Abaldo, CH, 2:40.81; 5, Jessica Clapp, CH, 2:43.76; and 12, Alison Hills, Bel, 3:19.58.

Boys 200 IM — 3, Alden Mason, Ocean, 2:15.69; 7, Kevin Miller, Bel, 2:32.65; and 9, Garrett Smith, Bel, 2:33.91.

Girls 50 free — 2, Anabel Carter, CH, 25.74; 4, Helen Carter, CH, 26.72; 5, Emma Vannorsdall, CH, 27.38; 8, Grace Olsen, CH, 29.61; 11, Molly Tobin, Ocean, 30.55; 25, Hannah White, Bel, 37.73; and 28, Genevieve Schortz, Bel, 41.75. Exhibitions: Eleanor Spizzuoco, CH, 30.20; Grace Powers, CH, 30.95; and Jade Densmore, CH, 38.47.

Boys 50 free — 1, Mark McCluskey, CH, 22.81; 5, Brandon Benson, CH, 24.96; 6, Jacob Crockett, Ocean, 25.46; 8, Sam Crockett, Ocean, 25.46; and 13, Eli McCusker, CH, 27.70. Exhs: Aubrey Heald, CH, 29.31; and Tristan Harrison-Billiat, CH, 32.78.

Girls 100 butterfly — 2, Anabel Carter, CH, 1:03.97; 9, Lacey Durkee, Bel, 1:22.35; and 11, Brittany Steele, Bel, 1:35.58.

Boys 100 fly — 1, Kyle Crans, CH, 56.12; and 8, Garrett Smith, Bel, 1:10.49.

Girls 100 free – 1, Eliza Carter, CH, 59.40; 2, Helen Carter, CH, 59.42; 5, Keeli Wood, CH, 1:00.59; 6, Isabelle Gutheinz, CH, 1:02.46; 25, Hannah White, Bel, 1:32.35; and 26, Amalia Kockerols, Bel, 1:34.96.

Boys 100 free — 1, Mark McCluskey, CH, 51.41; 4, Brandon Benson, CH, 53.94; 7, Andrew Goguen, Bel, 56.40; 10, Gavin Felch, Med, 58.67; 17, Eli McCusker, CH, 1:05.22; 18, Craig Brown, Bel, 1:08.59; and 21, Justin Lopez, CH, 1:11.30.

Girls 500 free — 1, Ella Scott, CH, 5:46.83; 2, Kaylen Ottman, Bel, 5:51.05; 4, Moira Pieri, CH, 5:56.40; 6, Grace Olsen, CH, 6:26.78; 9, Sarah Haselton, CH, 6:38.99; 10, Molly Tobin, Ocean, 7:00.94; and 11, Alison Hills, Bel, 7:15.87.

Boys 500 free — 1, Julian Abaldo, CH, 5:10.01; 2, Alden Mason, Ocean, 5:21.96; 6, Jackson Winslow, Bel, 5:38.28; and 6, Jack Schnetzer, Bel, 5:38.51.

Girls 200 FR — 2, Camden Hills (Emma Vannorsdall, Keeli Wood, Ella Scott, Eliza Carter), 1:49.66; and 7, Belfast (Brittany Steele, Hannah White, Amalia Kockerols, Alison Hills), 2:33.86.

Boys 200 FR — 1, Camden Hills (Mark McCluskey, Brandon Benson, Julian Abaldo, Kyle Crans), 1:33.91; and 3, Belfast (Hendrick Andrews, Kevin Miller, Jack Schnetzer, Jackson Winslow), 1:48.26.

Girls 100 backstroke — 1, Emma Gutheinz, CH, 1:05.45; 6, Isabelle Gutehinz, CH, 1:13.82; 9, Maddie Karod, CH, 1:17.29; 15, Brittany Steele, Bel, 1:30.63; and 21, Genevieve Schortz, Bel, 1:55.57.

Boys 100 back — 1, Kyle Crans, CH, 59.92; 5, Kevin Miller, Bel, 1:09.53; and 10, Craig Brown, Bel, 1:20.47.

Girls 100 breaststroke — 3, Keeli Wood, CH, 1:16.06; 4, Moira Pieri, CH, 1:16.38; 6, Emma Vannorsdall, CH, 1:23.23; 7, Yanmei McElhaney, CH, 1:24.46; 9, Jessica Clapp, Bel, 1:26.44; and 18, Amalia Kockerols, Bel, 1:44.77.

Boys 100 breast — 3, Andrew Goguen, Bel, 1:11.49; 4, Jacob Crockett, Ocean, 1:12.73; 5, Sam Crockett, Ocean, 1:14.23; and 7, Hendrick Andrews, Bel, 1:20.23.

Girls 400 FR — 1, Camden Hills (Helen Carter, Emma Gutheinz, Moira Pieri, Anabel Carter), 3:57.53; and 5, Belfast (Lacey Durkee, Alison Hills, Jessica Clapp, Kaylen Ottman), 4:40.28.

Boys 400 FR — 1, Camden Hills (Mark McCluskey, Brandon Benson, Julian Abaldo, Kyle Crans), 3:25.68; and 4, Belfast (Garrett Smith, Jack Schnetzer, Jackson Winslow, Andrew Goguen), 3:55.24.

Camden Hills' Keeli Wood and Catherine Abaldo. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Yanmei McElhaney. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Ella Scott. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Ella Scott. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
One of Camden Hills' Carter girls, back. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Helen Carter. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Belfast's Amalia Kockerols. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
A Camden Hills swimmer. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Kyle Crans, front, and Helen Carter, back left. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Tristan Harrison-Billiat. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Aubrey Heald. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Julian Abaldo. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Belfast's Genevieve Schortz. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
With other athletes standing on the edge of the pool, Belfast's Alison Hills competes. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Emma Gutheinz. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Catherine Abaldo. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Belfast's Jessica Clapp. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Belfast's Hendrick Andrews. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Kyle Crans. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Belfast's Garrett Smith. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Oceanside's Alden Mason. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Jade Densmore. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Belfast's Genevieve Schortz. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Belfast's Hannah White. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Carson Pavelich. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Oceanside's Molly Tobin. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Belfast's Lacey Durkee listens to music on the side of the pool. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Ellie Spizzuoco. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Many Belfast boys swimmers, including Jack Schnetzer, sport interesting haircuts/styles. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Anabel Carter. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
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