In celebration of volunteers

Apr 16, 2018

Camden — This week is volunteer appreciation week and offers us a special time to celebrate the many volunteers that help P.A.W.S. tend to the animals in our care. Our volunteers are a vital resource for us and contribute a great deal to the well-being and quality-of-life of not only the animals at P.A.W.S., but to the staff and community at large. With a limited budget, and only a few paid staff, it is sometimes difficult to complete all the necessary work at shelter. But thankfully, our volunteers' dedication and support make the lives of everyone involved a little bit easier. P.A.W.S. volunteers - you know who you are - from all of us at P.A.W.S., thank you for all the countless hours you have donated to help in the care of the cats and dogs at the shelter.

Have you ever thought about volunteering at P.A.W.S. but we’re just not sure what you could do to help? Becoming a volunteer at P.A.W.S. is one of the most rewarding and effective ways to get involved and help support a humane existence for our community's homeless and abandoned cats and dogs.

Here are a just a few ways that you can help out at P.A.W.S.:

Spread the word about the importance of responsible pet ownership by helping out on the outreach committee.

Lend a hand at the shelter to help with the general cleaning and laundry, to keep the facility in good condition for the animals.

Support with general office work and reception coverage at the shelter.

Use skills to help promote the shelter, or to help find people to adopt pets, with photography, editorial writing, social media content, etc.

Become a foster family for a pet that needs special attention or time away from the shelter until they can be placed in a permanent home.

Donate food, cat litter, or other items such as blankets, paper towels, laundry detergent, dish soap, or cat/dog toys to the shelter.

Offer to help walk the dogs in the shelter.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer you can always donate cash resources.

Because of the support of our volunteers, animals like Marvel and Tybee get the special care they need, until they can be adopted into loving homes.

If you think you are ready to get involved, please stop by the shelter, located at 123 John Street in Camden or visit our website at to learn how you can help a homeless animal today!



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