Thank You Letter #1: To our most honorable and skilled Attorney

By Daniel Slack | Feb 03, 2017
Artwork by: Daniel Slack "You got this. It's about what IS happening, not about what HAS happened!"-Andrew Wright Esq.

Wiscassett, ME — Recently, we have successfully defended against a Termination of Parental Rights, that was initiated by DHHS. Instead of the dark forces that are rumoured to exist in the courtroom, I found a troubled, but very forgiving system of checks and balances.

Just because DHHS has one opinion on a matter, does not mean the Attorney General's Office and The District Court is going to agree with them.

I have decided to publically thank everyone involved with my case.


So here is "Thank You Letter #1: My Lawyer"

Daniel Slack

Camden, ME, 04843


Andrew Wright, Esq.

Attorney at Law





Regarding Andrew Wright, Esq.:

"Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough."- Abraham Lincoln

There seems to be an infinite line of people needing an attorney. The legal system is flooded with cases, flooded with clients, flooded with people that do not know the difference between a “Law” and a “Statute.”

Family court is especially tough because much of the information must not only be accurately presented, but then the judges must interpret law with very subjective evidence and testimony, and base a decision upon what the intentions of the defendant are.

In this case, several questions were being asked:

  • Is the defendant capable of creating a sustainable and safe home environment?
  • Is the defendant’s strengths and limitations capable of playing a healthy parental role in the upbringing of her children?
  • Will the defendant stop fighting with DHHS and work toward aspirations that not only will be good for her children, but good for everyone involved in the family unit?
  • What is best for the children?


I must say that his advocacy for his client was one thing that his client and myself did take note of. His presentation of information in a way that the client could more properly understand the situation as it progressed, was an incredible asset to waylay any anxiety caused by the situation.

He has a peaceful demeanor with his clientele. Instead of being just a lawyer defending a client, he became the classic ideal of what a lawyer is supposed to be: an ethical advisor, an intimate confidant, and a shrewd defender.

His example is largely responsible for changing a most cynical skeptic’s opinion of the Maine Legal System, and showed her that with the proper representation, with proper effort, and the proper understanding, the system can work.

His suggestions to us on how to strengthen the case proved not just fruitful, but gave return of such a bounty that it overwhelmed the plaintiff’s case. Without his insight into the way the Court would interpret information gathered about our situation, we would have surely been discouraged early on.

When our case seemed hopeless, and we felt our position was bleak. When the defendant felt her dreams were dying, he gave her the inspiration to keep striving in the face of harsh scrutiny.

It is because he believed in the defendant, did we achieve this success. I wish there was some way I could reward him for his wisdom, for his compassion, and for his persistence.

When we first met, he came across as a modest and forthright individual. Though he had a heavy case load, we never felt that he had abandoned us in any way. He kept in the necessary interval of contact that kept us not only at ease, but truly made us felt that we were properly represented. In a legal system full of personalities, it was refreshing that he was an inspiringly “real” person. His candor, his intelligence, and his “general” demeanor brought confidence from the very beginning.

His communication skills and situation control were instrumental with handling the Defendant’s emotional state. The Defendant was raw, and could barely handle the legal situation because of her utter hopelessness and despair. His words of confidence were instrumental in coaxing a strength that she did not know she had. He is one of the stones in her foundation that helped her endure this storm.

In spite of the fatalistic view point of the defendant, his very character has turned someone with a very bleak perspective, to that of hope and acceptance. I am still inspired by the first piece of advice that he gave us:

“Regardless if it is good or bad, right or wrong, truth or fiction, the reason is not important to the fact that DHHS has your children. It is a waste of time to look at every little fact and try to point finger as to the cause:

Get over your emotional pain, Let go of your anguish, and Reign in your suspicions.

Wasting yourself fighting the little battles takes time, energy, and other resources away from achieving the ultimate goal."-Andrew Wright Esq.

He gave an emotional, overburdened, and traumatic situation "Clarity." This one simple fact is the linchpin that the rest of the case worked out of. No matter what we did, without the defendant having his quiet wisdom, we would not have been able to emotionally handle this trial, at all.

His skill as an attorney has as much to do with what he expects from himself, as it does with those abilities that he may not even be aware that he employs. This is what makes him a most effective Family Law Attorney.

In the list of who is considered “Great Men in the History of Our Family,” he comes in just behind Jesus Christ.

We are forever in his debt. If there is anything we could ever do for him, we would. It would barely scratch the surface of the what we owe him.

Thank You So Much, Andrew Wright!

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"Sincerity makes the very least person to be of more value than the most talented hypocrite."-Charles Spurgeon

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