Important Tips for Using Quickbooks

By Tammy Swasey-Ballou | Dec 02, 2012

Properly recording tax payments:

To insure your liability accounts are properly reduced and reflected appropriately on your 941 report, make all tax payments through the “Pay Liabilities” window and avoid using the “write checks” option for this and any other liability payments.

Protect your data file:

Set up a user under the Company menu bar option, from here assign an administrator password and user accounts with more restricted access. Be sure to save your password in a safe place (not under your keyboard) in case you forget or need to share the information in an emergency.

Back up your data file:

Using an external drive, choose “Save Copy or Backup” on the main menu and open Quickbooks’ backup wizard. You’re going to create a “Local Backup” and select the external hard drive. A good name for the backup to your data file would be the name of the Company and date of the backup. To restore with a backup file, connect the external drive and choose “Open or Restore Company” from the main file dropdown menu; select “Restore a backup copy” and choose your file from the external drive.

Sharing Quickbooks on a network:

Save your Company file on a main computer or server and allow limited access to multiple users on the network. DO NOT allow backup or multiple copies of one Company file to float across multiple computers with or without network access, this will quickly become a problem of accuracy and missed transactions.


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