I'll need a vacation to recoup from vacation

By Dwight Collins | Apr 23, 2014

Rockport — I’m sitting here writing this as one of the last things I need to do before leaving for Florida for 10 days of fun in the sun and it suddenly struck me – two adults and five kids taking a road trip to a magical location that is suppose to be the happiest place on earth – OMG, we are the Griswolds.

Minus the wood grain 1970s station wagon and an old lady strapped to the roof, I can see that this trip to “Mickey World” for us will defiantly draw some parallels and I think it was no coincidence that John Hughes based the movie on his own misadventures with his family on a trip to Disneyland when he was a child.

I love the idea of a family vacation, but honestly I don’t understand the need to inflict more stress prior to leaving just so you can “relax.” I always feel like after a vacation, I need a vacation to relax from the one I was just on.

Stress begins months before you even leave, having to make sure that reservations are made, money is budgeted, what clothes are we packing, the route is planned out, checking the weather, making sure there will be time to visit family and friends while in the area, making sure kids have things to keep them occupied on the ride and a laundry list of other things that in the grand scheme of things don’t seem important now, but heaven forbid one of the kids doesn’t have their Pillow Pet or the charger for their electronics.

Chaos -- controlled or otherwise -- can be a huge trigger for anxiety and my hope is that we all don’t trigger at the same time. But envision this: a group of seven on the side of the Interstate all in the downward dog yoga position trying to center our chi or make our ying and yang sync.

I am exited about the trip, but at the same time I am a natural worrywart. Yes, I know that I give the impression of being unflappable, but deep down I am always wondering, what could possibly go wrong?

My girlfriend is an old pro at this trip in particular, so I have followed her lead when it comes to the logistics of it. As there always is in any relationship, we have worked on a give-and-take theory where she gives me orders and I take them.

Except when it came to finding my mobile hot spot. I was pretty sure I knew where it was and she kept telling me to make sure – well, you guessed it, I put it off until the last minute and guess what I couldn’t find. Hmmm, to her point if I had told her I couldn’t find it two weeks ago when she asked, we’d have one right now.

The month leading to up to the first vacation day is full of things to get done and a majority of which really can’t be done until the last minute in my opinion. Sure you can plan and pre-pack things so as soon as the last five o’clock whistle blows you can hit the road. What that doesn’t do is make it easier to find some clean socks or underwear because, “Oh, it’s already packed.”

Regardless of the panic and worry, the anxiety and stress that goes into planning a family vacation -- it may seem to be a steep price to pay for a week of relaxation -- the amount of memories made and the bonds that are built cruising down the highway with the tunes cranked, singing at the top of our lungs are going to be priceless.

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Posted by: William Spear | Apr 28, 2014 00:55

I go thru the same panic, worry, anxiety, and stress when I go on vacation. And since I'm single, I go by myself. But it doesn't matter. Same panic, worry, anxiety, and stress. For years I vacationed in a condo in south Florida over the Christmas/New Year's holidays. Got to be pretty routine. One year I got to the condo, unpacked. No underwear. Crap. Needless to say my first stop was Wal-Mart. But I learned something then. Don't worry about it. What you forget, go buy it. No big deal. And all of my vacations since, I have not forgotten the underwear. So have a great time Dwight. Enjoy Disney. And the trip.

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