By Fred Bucklin | Jan 09, 2014
Fred Bucklin

Christmas has come and gone. Even better, our electricity is back on thanks to the herculean efforts of Central Maine Power workers. Our power was restored on Christmas day. When I spoke to the foreman to praise CMP’s sacrifice to help us out, her humble response was, “This is what we do and it is our job”. Wow! All I could do was give her a big hug. Thank you, CMP. During this last storm, Central Maine Power was our biggest hero, but we saw many other unsung heroes. Families, neighbors and businesses pulled together to help one another. The Penobscot Bay YMCA opened its doors Christmas day to provide showers, warmth, hot coffee and an encouraging word to those people in need. I know; I needed all of the above.

This past storm serves us as a great example of how people pull together. It is a fact that Mainers do know how to work together to live in this climate. It is sad, however, to note that our political climate is more frigid than the ice storm. During the ice storm we knew we were in trouble; we banded together and we beat it. Politically we know we are in trouble, but stay divided. Why is that? What is going on?

Could it be that some of us are divided amongst the parties and the rest of us just do not care.

The big problem is that we have become too complacent. Getting involved has meant a trip to the polls every other year to cast our votes and hope everything will work out. It is not working. Current events are a testament to the fact that life is not so great! Parties are polarized; voters are pawns in the game of politics. Politicians are spending too much time fighting one another. The political discord has even spread amongst friends and families. There is a tremendous amount of anger and frustration out here. We cannot go on like this!

Voting for a candidate can no longer be a popularity contest. Ask the question who is best qualified for the job. Who is going to represent Knox County best? Sift through facts verses fiction and make the incumbents accountable. If they cannot get the job done, encourage good candidates to run. It can be done! We know there are good people out there and we will support them. Remember, do not get iced by politics!

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