Ice Dams On Your Home?

By Horch Roofing | Jan 10, 2013

They may be pretty, but underneath the charming look of those icicles hanging from your roof are a number of potentially damaging things to your home.


Ice dams are caused by heat escaping through your roof during the winter.  As heat escapes, it melts snow and ice on your roof.  The water runs along the roof under the snow, refreezing as it reaches your roof’s cold overhang.  These ice dams trap melting water, keeping the water from draining off the roof.


The water has to go somewhere.  If it cannot drain off the roof, melting water leaks through your walls and ceiling, damaging your roof and potentially the inside of your home.  In order to prevent ice dams and the damages they can cause, you can:


  • Make sure your eaves and ridge are well-ventilated
  • Add insulation to your attic floor so the heat in your house will stay inside
  • Install flashing around your chimney
  • Use sealant around electrical cables and vent pipes


If you are concerned about winter roofing maintenance or ice dams on your home, contact Horch Roofing for a free consultation to determine the right solution to protect your home this winter.  If you’re interested in learning more about ice dams, check out this great online presentation by Peter Horch and Richard Riegel Burbank of Evergreen Home Performance LLC.


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