I watched an inspiring film tonight and am having thoughts on the powerful healing energies of music. Robert DeNiro....

By ananur forma | Feb 06, 2013

Written February 6, 2013 11pm by Ananur.


Tonight I watched, “Awakenings,” the film with Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams and many other wonderful actors whose names I do not know.


My tv died and dvd as well in December and so have not been able to watch dvd films which I enjoy. Then the speakers on my computer died out as well. Had to get new ones, that happened when Mercury was retrograde, so got new ones to replace the new ones that didn’t work, then they didn’t work, got new ones again and they worked for a few weeks and suddenly yesterday they began to work again!  I thought this is an appropriate time to watch “Awakenings,”  plus Robert DeNiro is up for an Oscar, I think, for his portrayal of a Dad. He stars with Bradley Cooper, who in the film is living with a bipolar condition which is a struggle. I saw this film called, “Silver Linings Playbook.” So thinking of Robert DeNiro I went to youtube and found the film “Awakenings” available for me to wacth it in full. Have seen it before long time ago. Quite extraordinary. At the end it mentioned that it’s based on a true story of how a drug used to help those people in a catatonic condition in a hospital in NY came out of the catatonic state they were in for some time in the summer of 1969 and after that in and out for a little while but mostly in the summer of 1969. I looked to see where the planets were at that time because obviously something special was taking place. Of course we know it as the summer of Woodstock, protests against war, and a Moon landing and also amazing music taking place at that time. also lots of drug use without pesticides. I believe that music played an important role in the awakening of the people during that time portrayed in the film. There is plenty of information on the internet about the healing power of music. I have let some local nursing homes know about 2 shows on the air on WRFR that goes back to the 40’s swing and big band music which sparks those born in earlier years who remember Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Patti Page and the like. This is what ought to be playing in the nursing homes now. When we’re in there you know it they better be playing the music we love and relate to……the Beatles, the  RollingStones, Moody Blues, Bob Dylan, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell…who knows by then there may be a cure for old age? Or maybe being the age of drugs now there will be drugs that bring about mental clarity? who knows? All I know is that music is a powerful healer. If we had been taught to memorize with music while in elementary school it would have been a lot easier and we would be remembering those inconsequential facts now. Astrologically Jupiter Uranus and Pluto were all pretty close together which was indeed a fantastic time of consciousness expanding for all those ready and wanting that. Right now February 2013 Jupiter and Uranus are in a positive aspect to each other, not as profound as the summer of 1969……but the opportunity to open to a higher understanding and an advanced knowledge of spirituality is taking place right now. Hope you’re catching the wave. By the way I'm not into drugs at all, but am acknowledging that drugs are used commonly now adays for all kinds of aliments. I prefer the alternative approach, personally. Each one needs to know what they believe will heal them and then...that is what will work. i believe in music, color, prayer/invokations and increasing relations with the Divine Source of All that is.

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