I have a question and a reminder.

By Catherine Cooper | May 13, 2014

I have a question for those out there hiring. Especially for those hiring people at $8.00 an hour or thereabouts, sometimes less or just a bit more and then those that are hired are asked to work any shift day or night weekday or weekends and as few as 10 hours a week but having to be available whenever they need you. Now why would anyone agree to do this? Theoretically, that has the person that is hired obligated to a day shift one day and the following day, a night shift. Then they could have 3 days off and STILL try and pay the rent.

Let's say you get 10 hours per week but need to get another job to make ends meet. you tell your future employer that you have secured another position to help you pay the rent and they tell you NO you need to be available to us ALL the time, ANY TIME we need you! How fair is that?? It's unrealistic unless you are dealing with an 18 to 24 year old living at home with his folks OR a married couple where the spouse is helping to make up the difference to make a liveable wage.

If you have a business or a corporation asking for an open schedule. then 1 of 2 things need to happen: !) You pay your employees much more than $8 per hour to keep their schedule open or 2) You guarantee that the $8 an hour employee has 40  hours per week consistently so they may not have to just scrape by to live.

That's my bitch session now here is my reminder: It is summer in Maine. You HAVE to slow down and yield to pedestrians in the cross walks! I have been crossing lately with my 2 year old grandson and cars have nearly run us down in the cross walk

In Maine, as in most states, you have to yield to the pedestrian in the cross walk. Out of state drivers have to comply and ignorance of the law won't help you get out of that ticket!


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