I do not have a Facebook fetish

By Dwight Collins | Jul 23, 2014

I have never, ever seen anything that can control a person's emotions like one simple post of Facebook. While I have termed the site a necessary evil, I can always count on one of the way-too many friends posting something that clutters up the news feed. If I didn't use FB for work I would probably not be around it as much, but in my line, one needs to stay connected. I have mixed feelings about social media; sometimes I wonder why we have it and other times I wonder how we lived without it.

You always have that person who thinks every status update is directed toward them, guilt makes people more paranoid than pot. “Were you talking about me when you posted that thing about being over sensitive?” No, actually, that post was about me because no matter how hard I try, you get on my nerves. Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth.

It is helpful when I'm feeling down to see other people post their dirty laundry – always makes me feel better about myself – glad I'm not them. Then there are those statuses that bring a smile to your face, something positive and upbeat. Honestly that gets a little old too, I mean really, can someone honestly be that happy or insightful? I'm guessing that some just have to be smart enough to Google “world's best quotes” and have FB status that make your friends sit back and say, "Wow, that's deep."

There are also those who feel the need to let you know about every little aspect of their life. “I'm up, had coffee, now I will watch paint dry” and that status gets 237 likes and 52 comments? I don't care, if you “just yawned” or “found a dime on the ground woot woot.” Really, what the heck does that mean: “woot woot,” calling owls or something?

I think that FB would be a good hunting ground for those in the mental health field to gauge a person's sanity by their status. It is easy to pick out the bi-polar friends, they are the ones that start the morning off with “Up and at it early, going to be a great day!!!” and change their status five minutes later to “I don't know how much more of this I can take...I just hope god will fix it.”

I don't have a problem with religion, what I do have is a problem with those who use religion to further an agenda. Just because you go to church and spout Bible versus doesn't make you a good person, just like a cat having kittens in the oven doesn't make them biscuits.

Facebook has killed more marriages then marriage itself. It is a great way to keep in contact with people from your past, on the other hand it is a great way to re-connect with those people that are in your past. What I'm getting at is, there is a point and time in all of our lives we long for way things used to be. That, mixed with a casual conversation with an old flame could get someone in a heap of trouble if their significant other found out.

I have a problem with teens on FB. Most of them are not responsible enough and it scares me about the kinds of information they are providing scum-bag low-lifes that prey on kids. Bottom line, it's dangerous, kids, be careful.

FB allows you to do all kinds of things, sell things on yard sale pages, reminisce about growing up in your home town, date, promote business – all things that are positive.

It allows soldiers oversees to keep in contact with friends and family, it allows everyone a platform to voice their opinion, whether we want it or not.

I think one of the biggest things I get a kick out of is how willing some people are to air dirty laundry. I know I mentioned it earlier, but I feel that it needs some more press time.

Do you really want the whole world to know that you have terrible choices in men, or that you drug-addicted baby daddy is “the best thing to ever happen to me, luv you boo!”

I have seen people's relationship status change so many times I feel like I'm sitting at a traffic signal. Red I'm taken, yellow is complicated and green is go, go, go. I also notice – and have been guilty myself -- of getting into a relationship and taking a step back, not posting anything for weeks at a time. I guess that it is that way for anyone who is spending time fostering something. Once a relationship begins, we are compelled to send little messages or update a status to “You're the best baby, love you long time” or “where would I be if I didn't have you.” then she re-connects with an “old friend” on FB and the status slowly disappear until one day you wake up and notice for the last two weeks she has been posting those inspirational picture that say things like, “live, laugh love” or “everything happens for a reason” -- which means to me that someone is about to move on.

There is some good and bad to everything in the world and unlike my conspiracy theory friends, I do not believe Facebook was created to bring the downfall of human civilization. What it has done is give the common man a place to speak his or her mind whether we like it or not – which reminds me -- I wish they would invent a dislike button.

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