Hurricaine Sandy /Cross Insurance Customer Information

By Cross Insurance | Oct 29, 2012

Even though you might not technically live in a disaster zone or directly in the way of an approaching hurricane, it doesn’t hurt to have the things that are important to you, ready to go. As we tell our customers (and practice ourselves), you have to keep your vital information, documents and keepsakes backed up to at least three different locations and your emergency bin packed ready to go at a moment’s notice. That way if you suddenly have to evacuate, those things will already be taken care of. It’s just one more thing you won’t have to worry about doing at the last minute or doing without, later.

There is a very good possibility that power and telephone lines will be lost tonight into tomorrow as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Please take time today, if you haven't already, to locate your insurance policies and agency phone numbers. I would recommend keeping them in a plastic zip-lock bag to keep them protected from the weather. 

 If you have a claim emergency, and you cannot get through to our office, please call Skip Heald on cell phone at 207-542-9633. I will be able to help get the claim reported to your insurance carrier.

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