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By WRFR-LP Radio | Feb 07, 2014

Humble Farmer Repeat Friday 7-8pm

HumbleLG_FotorShould you take the time to sit before a mike for one hour every week and carry on a thoughtful one-sided conversation with a good friend, yours would be a welcome, appreciated voice. Do remember—your friend is in a car, in bed, working in a shop, or enjoying a meal. This is an intimate one-on-one conversation between you and your one close friend who is listening.  You don’t have to be a humorist to host a radio show. In fact, you’d be able to retire much earlier as an exorcist, a healer, or an expert on out-of-body experiences. If you’ve been picked up by a spaceship or slept with Tom Cruise, you can skip radio and go directly to Oprah or Montel.

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