How To Improve Your Small Business Website

By Jennifer Noble | Aug 22, 2018

In today's busy world of competing websites, having a site is not just the answer. A better website can include a number of things that will help gain customers and clients. Some small changes can result in increased numbers for a small business. Such important changes, such as simplifying navigation, can make your website more user friendly. If you are not able to do the work yourself, it may be time to hire a professional. Here are some tips:

1.Use Headings That Are Rich in Keywords

With keyword rich headings, attention is captured immediately. Breaking up your content, the page also becomes more readable.

2. Call to Action

One of the strongest ways to increase your customer base is with a call to action. This means having them call a phone number or contact you through an email link. It is generally at the end of a page and could be something like scheduling a free estimate, free demo or signing up to receive your newsletter.

3. Replace Photos

Fresh photos stimulate your audience. You can find relevant royalty free images at Shutterstock, Adobe or one of the other online sites. Ideal for businesses, a professional photo can be changed when needed to give your page a fresh look.

4. Add Testimonials

If you can get customers to write a testimonial regarding your service or product, this is a very valuable tool for making your website more effective. Potential customers often look at the testimonials when considering whether to use your services. Have a dedicated page of testimonials with a link to that page.

5. Fix Any Broken Links

When was the last time you checked your links? You may have to spend some time going through the website to click on any links that you have added. They may no longer be valid or are pointing to the wrong place, so review them often.

6. Add a Mission Statement

Improving your website with a statement that tells the visitor your reason for doing your business or its goals is important. Also called a value proposition, it can include:

Who and where your company is

Who your audience is

What you offer to your audience

Benefits that are offered by your service or products

Your mission statement is basically your purpose. It is part of content marketing, not about what you sell but what your company stands for.

7. Create a Timeline for the Changes

Before you go live with any website changes, they need to be tested to make sure they are working the way you would like and are appearing as they should. This testing phase is important to having a professional-looking site.

8. Improve Your Navigation

Not only does your navigation help the user find what they are seeking, it helps in the rankings by search engines. With fewer clicks, the user and search engine can find what they are looking for. Do not use jargon; call a blog a "blog" not "the buzz" or another cute name. Add descriptive labels with keywords to your navigation bar.

Additionally, writing good SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is important when it comes to bring people to your site. Lead generation is important, and having the right tools and professional help might be the answer if you are busy with your running your company.

These small changes can help improve your website if you are a small business. If you can not make the changes yourself, it may be time to have professional help with updating and making your site better. Some simple changes can have big results, so try to implement these tips or have someone help you.


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