How it all began

By Jan Dolcater | Dec 07, 2017

This week's article is our 200th and it all began in early January 2014. In late November 2013, I was talking with Fred Bucklin and we were opining about the constant left-of-center slant that appeared in the Courier Gazette and the Camden Herald.

Following our conversation, I placed a call to Reade Brower, owner of the papers, to introduce myself and to tell him about an idea I had on how to increase his readership. He asked what I had in mind and I responded that we would like to provide Courier Publications with a conservative column each week to offer a different perspective. We talked for about 20 minutes, and he said he liked the idea and told me to make an appointment with Dan Dunkle, editor of the Courier. I did so, and during our conversation I remember Dan asking me if we thought we could provide more than two or three columns. I said yes, and requested that we receive a good placement for our articles on a consistent basis. Dan seemed satisfied and gave us a chance. We were fortunate that Reade Brower and Dan Dunkle were open to the idea of diversity.

The following week Fred and I went to a Tea Party meeting in Warren. Fred arrived before me, and when I arrived, I took the last seat available. Fred made an announcement regarding our plans. The person on my left told me that he did not hear what was said, and I told him and he replied that it sounded interesting to him. I asked his name and he said he was Dale Landrith, from Camden. Then the person to my right said that the idea sounded like something in which he would like to participate. I asked his name, as I had never seen him before. He said he was Ken Frederic from Bristol. I honestly believe there is certainly providence shown here.

These two, along with Paul Ackerman from Martinsville and myself from Rockport, are the primary writers for Another View. Fred participates, along with his wife, Victoria, and they are from Appleton. We are most fortunate to have her exercise her skills as our editor. Another person who participates is Nick Lapham from St George. Our group meets each week on Friday morning at 7 for breakfast at Moody’s in Waldoboro. We discuss the events of the past week and what appear to be looming problems across Maine and the nation. Our schedule is set for a consistent rotation of the writers and we generally have at least one article in the tank for future use.

Over time, we have expanded our coverage to 11 additional papers throughout the state. Although the other papers do not use us every week, our coverage is still significant. During the past four years, our efforts have received recognition from the Maine Press Association four times for providing an outstanding opinion column. It is our sincere desire to present a thoughtful, conservative column, so that these views may be compared and understood.

We hope that our efforts through Another View will lead to a better understanding of our different perspective and open a pathway for constructive discussion. Perhaps these articles will help us work together, so that we can be successful in confronting our problems and solving them with faithful and thankful hearts. I hope you will join us as we press onward with the next 200 articles.

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Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Dec 09, 2017 11:22

Oh, Dale, it's too obvious that a conservative's idea of "greater" is usually not about raising everyone up but of maintaining and strengthening your own position while diminishing all those around you.  In this the Republicans, led by Trump, are true to form.

"Major advancements in deregulation?"  Really?  You mean you approve of pouring toxic coal wastes directly into our streams and rivers?  You find nothing wrong with allowing people with mental illness to buy guns?  How about NOT requiring financial advisors to act in the best interests of their clients?  Or lifting the ban on government use of companies guilty of fraud and wage theft (A favorite of Trump's, I'm sure.)  

Well, I won't go into real dirty business of the Trump's executive actions and since he has no real legislative successes that 3.3 percent growth is still Obama's economy that's doing all that "smoking."  I'll just remind of you of this:

"The country wasn't based on executive orders. Right now, Obama goes around signing executive orders. He can't even get along with the Democrats, and he goes around signing all these executive orders. It's a basic disaster. You can't do it."
--Donald Trump, February 2016

As for his "efforts to cut taxes and repeal the abominable Obamacare individual mandate" that's just more piling on the poor and working classes, not to mention seniors:

"Cancer patients and survivors, people with other serious, life-threatening conditions are facing the very real possibility that they will lose their insurance because of the repeal of the mandate in Obamacare. Patients who thought they'd be okay because they're covered by Medicare are now losing that assurance."

""In an article published Wednesday on the group's website, the AARP's vice president and policy director argue that 1 in 5 seniors, about 6.3 million taxpayers, will see either no change or a tax increase in 2019 under the plan passed by the Senate Budget Committee. Of those individuals, 1.2 million people would get a tax hike...  The authors argue that number will jump "more than four times" by 2027 to 5.2 million seniors "as a result of sunsetting the middle-class tax cuts."

"As winter weather begins to set in across the United States, federal politicians are reportedly making huge cuts to a crucial government program that provides heating assistance to the elderly and disabled. Under the GOP proposal, millions of American households will be at risk of losing heat this winter.

And, really, all that "support of the military and national defense" and "his refreshing and contagious bullishness on America"  is simply the empty posturing of a clown.  

"Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s favorite club, and his “Winter White House,” was recently permitted to hire 70 maids, cooks, and servers for their current tourist season, all from foreign countries, through the H-2B visa program... And even worse, the club isn’t even trying to hire Americans...  And that’s just at Mar-a-Lago. Trump is also hiring foreign workers at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, and in Briarcliff Manor, NY."

Does that sound like "America First?"

Our allies in the international community are only too aware that Trump has removed the United States from the leadership of the "Free" world.  Foreign leaders no longer look to the US for guidance and support.  They know a poser when they see one even if you don't.  Hell, even our so-called "closest ally," Israel has been warned not to trust Trump.

"Israeli intelligence officials were warned in January that American intelligence agencies believed Russia had “leverages of pressure” over President Donald Trump, Vanity Fair reported Wednesday...  A few months later, Trump made headlines when he revealed highly classified intelligence information during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Oh hell, I could go on but talking to conservatives is like talking to the neighbor's dog.  The eyes light up but there's no one home.  If you're content with becoming the party of pedophiles, Putin's "useful idiots," and willing corporate serfs than you'll get what you deserve.  The rest of us will just have to fight to preserve what human dignity is left in this country after the contagion of Trump passes.  I'll just leave you with one of your own speaking on the latest Republican outrage:

"Roy Moore in the US Senate would be a stain on the GOP and on the nation. Leigh Corfman and other victims are courageous heroes. No vote, no majority is worth losing our honor, our integrity," -Mitt Romney

And for good measure:

"One man, whose arrogance and ego lead him trippingly into chaos of his own making, can turn a shining city on the hill into a shadowy, tawdry replica of itself.  Where once we had currency in the world, we are now left holding fool's gold.  And it will only get worse if those intent on making excuses continue saying that Trump and his extended family are new at this.  They know exactly what they're doing.  And so does the rest of the world."  -Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald Reagan

Posted by: Dale E. Landrith Sr. | Dec 09, 2017 09:30

We are much greater than we were one year ago.  Below I borrow from our friend Ron's cut and paste technique.

It can't be that we support Trump's major advancements in deregulation, his stellar judicial appointments and his efforts to cut taxes and repeal the abominable Obamacare individual mandate. It can't be his support of the military and national defense, his refreshing and contagious bullishness on America or his election alone, which stands as the greatest impediment to the further advancement of Obama-Clinton leftism. Oh, did I mention that Trump declared Jerusalem the official capital of Israel, as opposed to his presidential predecessors who merely paid lip service to the goal? And did you notice that the economy is smoking along at 3.3 percent growth?

Posted by: Harold Bryson Mosher | Dec 08, 2017 12:26

I think it was The Camden Herald that used to have a regular column called "On the Right" a few years back.  It was written by Stephen Bowen, a teacher that lived in Rockport.  He then went on to be LePage's education commissioner, but just sort of disappeared after a time.  One article he wrote likened single payer health care to getting free haircuts, so conservatives have gotten ink in local papers before you guys showed up.  Anyway, are we great again yet?


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