Houston calling

By Paul Ackerman | Sep 07, 2017

This week there has been much to celebrate in the examples of Americans pulling together in Texas, helping each other survive the deluge of flooding Hurricane Harvey brought. The so-called Cajun Navy, the Waco Navy, etc. are privateers arriving with small boats to scour neighborhoods and rescue people, pets and generally help out the over-taxed authorities.

Great people, ordinary southerners helping out as they can, and despite the ill wishes and inferences of the media, no hint of racism or divisiveness in any of this that I have heard of, or read about to date.

No reports of any “Antifa Navy” or Occupy Wall St. volunteers arriving to either help out or create mayhem, so probably that is good news. Looters are being dealt with as is necessary I’m sure.

As always there are scam artists trying to bilk the gullible out of donations in the name of hurricane victims. The vile anti-Semite radical Linda Sarsour, is living up (or down, one supposes) to this standard with her recent tweet to donate to her PAC claiming Texas hurricane victims as the rationale—for which she was soundly pilloried on social media. The bad news? She’ll probably keep doing it.

As much as some in the media continually try to find a way to blame President Trump, or now absurdly his wife, Melania, for adding to the hurricane’s chaos, it is pretty obvious only those afflicted with the leftist derangement syndrome still believe in this meme. If your news sources are ranting about Melania’s shoes or “too soon…” “Not soon enough...” “Hurricane relief is just more inequality...” then you might want to rethink your priorities in life. Get over it.

For a little perspective on Houston and the nearby areas, recall the devastating April 1, 1987, flooding in Hallowell and Winslow, the result of a convergence of bad luck weather – a warm rain storm on the heels of winter. The damage estimates then were over $100 million, with 2,100 homes damaged, 214 destroyed, and 400 small businesses damaged. We muddled through, in typical Maine fashion, though with far less national media fanfare.

Reuters now reports that up to 20 percent of refinery capacity in the US is now essentially out-of-service for the foreseeable future. Other statistics reported so far that over 100,000 homes destroyed and another 60,000 still without power. Think of that, 214 homes destroyed in Maine in ’87….100,000 homes destroyed in Texas 2017.

Texas has a far greater task ahead, even with the federal help assured them. In some ways, the search and rescue efforts now are going to seem easier than the grim muddy tasks ahead when the waters dissipate. It’s been reported that in some areas the flood waters are not expected to fully recede for weeks. Imagine how crippled central Maine would have been if the flood waters had still been there in May? Things that are under water and mud for a month are not usually “fixable”.

The flooded oil refineries and shut down oil pipelines in Texas will require massive amounts of work to repair and get back online. This will require plenty of skilled workers quite a while to get done. Thankfully this is in America, and in Texas—they know this work. The challenges are huge, but unless the government screws things up with years of paperwork, they’ll get it done ASAP.

The Houston ship channel will also need serious efforts to remove sunken vessels and debris. These are all things that will affect the rest of the country the longer they are off-line. Americans can do the work, and many others will help out even from afar.



Before you donate to any charity, especially to benefit victims of this event in Texas, I'd suggest you review the performance of your chosen charitable organization. Mainly how much they actually spend on assistance to recipients vs how much they spend on fund raising or other costs such as salaries and funding other groups. A good place to start is by using the database from Guidestar.org that provides information about charitable organizations.


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Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Sep 07, 2017 16:02

"despite the ill wishes and inferences of the media?"

"the leftist derangement syndrome? "

Really, Paul.  Are the scam artists any worse than someone who uses this tragedy for the purposes of partisan politics?  Are you so sure of your "priorities?"  I guess Sarsour isn't the only one who just can't help but to "keep doing it."

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