Hourly Pay, Paid Vacations, & Short Term Disability!

By Schooner Bay Taxi | May 21, 2014

Since the start of Schooner Bay Taxi, drivers have been paid based on commission.  Most of our drivers got paid 30% of whatever they booked for a shift.  Now, we are proud to say we can pay our drivers on an hourly basis! This will ensure drivers making an even amount of money all year long! Along with the hourly pay, drivers can now earn paid vacations and have their short term disability paid for them! After just one year of service with the company, an employee will earn 5 days paid vacation! Another benefit we are taking care for an employee that has been with us for a year or more, is their premium for short term disability! This will give drivers peace of mind if something should happen to them and they are out of work! We would like to thank our customers for allowing us to grow into the company we are and for making it possible for us to offer this to our employees! A big thank you goes out to our employees for all the hard work and dedication to our company! You are the reason this company does so well and continues to grow!

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