Hospitality House hopes to land 'Pop for Change' gift

By Dwight Collins | May 24, 2014
Photo by: Dwight Collins The Hospitality House is the only homeless shelter in Knox, Lincoln and Waldo counties and is one of four nonprofit organizations vying for $100,000 from 'Pop for Change' hosted by Cellardoor Winery.

Rockport — The Hospitality House is asking help from residents of Knox, Waldo and Lincoln counties by voting for the organization to become a potential recipient of $100,000 through Pop for Change.

“We have had amazing success with our work helping folks break the cycle of homelessness and becoming self-sustainable and into a home of their own,” said Pinny Beebe-Center, Regional Manager for Penquis Community Action Program. “We could do much more with an award such as this.”

In November 2012, the homeless shelter abruptly closed its doors, leaving area homeless with no place to go. The former Mid-Coast Hospitality House Corporation then disbanded Nov. 27, 2012. Knox County Homeless Coalition took over management of the house, which re-opened its doors Feb. 2.

According to Beebe-Center, three months later, 16 people are living at the Hospitality House Family Shelter and an additional 14 people are being housed in local hotels and apartments.

She added that 65 people are enrolled in the wrap-around program and 19 people have been placed in independent housing.

“We are thankful for our accomplishments and at the same time, we recognize that we’re only barely scratching the surface of need,” Beebe-Center said. “Hospitality House is one of four charities competing for a $100,000 bequest from Cellardoor Winery’s Pop the Cause event this year. All four of the charities are very worthy, but starting something new and getting it off the ground is hard.”

There are three other organizations vying for the top prize: United Midcoast Charities, MCH Meals on Wheels and Coastal Opportunities. Sponsors of the initiative are Cellardoor Winery and Megunticook Market. The top winner will receive $100,000 and the remaining three organizations will be given $20,000, according to the website for the event.

Beebe-Center continued, “In order for Hospitality House to move toward sustainability, we humbly ask you to consider giving us your vote. Please. It may sound like a small thing. But it has enormous potential to help us be sustainable.”

Votes through must be submitted before May 31.

“Although each person can only vote once, there are no geographic boundaries for those who can vote – so please ask your friends, professional networks, your Facebook friends, and other social media to vote for Hospitality House,” she said.

If you are having trouble voting, contact the Hospitality House at 593-8151.

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Posted by: James Clinton Leach | May 26, 2014 11:55

The shelter has been open for a few months now, it's great they are having success in this time. I feel somewhat uncomfortable voting for them with such a short history. I for one would want to see a track record before they get my vote. Perhaps next time.

Posted by: Mary Brett Rabaioli | May 26, 2014 08:45

While I agree that this is a well written article, I feel that in the spirit of fairness and unbiased reporting, mr. Collins should write an article on each organization vying for the $100,000.  I think that to single out one organization shows great favoritism which I do not feel is in the spirit of the whole "completion" which is what this giveaway has become.

Posted by: Gwen D Fraser | May 26, 2014 07:01

Excellent article.  Worthy organization. But, so are the other 2. UMCC is a non profit gifting agency who gives to the Hospitality House each year along with 49 other local community service organizations.  It's a tough vote for some, but I say vote for the organization that makes the difference to as many of those in need as possible.  Spread the charity. Even a smaller donation to many makes a greater impact across society. Do your research on each organization.  See who makes the most and gives back the highest percentage of your donation!  I'm glad this event is designed to recognize more than one agency. It is a fun event!  B. Carver


Posted by: Martina Branco | May 25, 2014 18:25

People should recognize that when they go online to vote, the response is coming back saying "Thank you for VOLUNTEERING and your vote."  No where did I see anything about volunteering unless I wanted to get a ticket to an event I won't be in town for!!

Could the article please clarify what we're signing up for?


Tina Branco


Posted by: george e soule | May 24, 2014 15:17

I tried to go on and vote . Not letting me on that site. Can someone tell me if they changed the address site

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | May 24, 2014 13:01

Excellent article.  
Someone was sharing with me this morning about what an asset Pinny Beebe-Center is to our community. They are certainly right! Have had the opportunity to see her heart, enthusiasm and spirit of expectation that is catching. As this article shows, Hospitality House is just a small part of her endeavors to serve and assist those who are most in need. Hope that you will step out and give them a hand up with YOUR vote.

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