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By Francina Pearse | Jan 17, 2013

Please do not ride your snowmobile on local ponds and lakes as they are not frozen over.


Sympathy goes out to the family of Audrey Grassow Gross. Audrey used to live in Hope and was the foster daughter of Frank and Olive Grassow. The Grassows had several foster children — Margaret Morse of Hope and her sister Ruth who lives in southern Maine as well as Darlene Barrows and Marlene, who past away this prior summer. Sympathy is extended to the entire family.

Lady’s Club

Ron Leadbetter, a retired meteorologist, was the speaker at the last meeting. He gave a very interesting talk about the weather. Everyone enjoyed the speech. Refreshments of pineapple upside-down cake was served by Betty Shaw. (I am still at Windward Garden but hope to be back to the next meeting.) The next meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 12, with the group going out to lunch, place to be announced later.


At the farm on Barnestown Road when we had the major snowstorms they had 17 inches of snow. Luckily no one was hurt when they had two bad accidents. The first one the car came down by the farm, around the corner and into the field where the car was pulled back into the road – the people were not hurt. The second accident (the same night) the car with six small children and a pregnant woman went off into the field by Randy Wright’s. No one was hurt and the baby was not delivered in a snow bank. But the sad part of this for me — I missed the whole thing.

Cemetery Meeting

The next cemetery meeting will be Monday, Feb. 4, at Hope Town Office. As the budget and all other items have been finalized there will not be much on the agenda. I still will be chairman of this committee for a few months.

Senior Citizen Lunch

Senior Community Lunch will be Thursday, Feb. 7, at the Hope school starting at 11 a.m. If you wish to attend please call 785-4316 and make your reservation. Menu will include turkey, mashed potato, mixed steamed vegetables, salad bar, an ice cream cup and coffee, tea, or milk to drink. Cost is $4 per meal.

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