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By Francina Pearse | Aug 14, 2014

Historical Meeting

The Hope Historical Meeting will be at Hope Corner Fire Station on Tuesday, Aug. 19, at 7 p.m. Speaker will be Cynthia Dellapenna talking about the book she wrote on Hope.

Remember anyone may attend this meeting. Visitors are all welcome.

Class Lunch

The Camden and Rockport High School class of 1958 will be holding their monthly class lunch Thursday, Aug. 14, at The Helm in Rockport. All classmates are encouraged to attend. Come and have a great time.

Planning Board meeting

Hope Planning Board will meet Tuesday, Aug. 19, at Hope Town Hall. This will be a public meeting on a housing development located off of Hatchet Mountain Road. If you have questions contact the town office at 763-4199.

School Starts

Hope Elementary School will start Tuesday, Sept. 2. If you have moved into Hope be sure to call the school at 785-4081 to register your child regardless of what grade the student will be in.

Also it would be a good idea if you call Wayne Luce at 785-4580 to find out what time your child will be picked up. Don't wait. Please do it now.

Rain, Rain, Rain

Here in Camden, it has rained an awful lot. One day it got real dark and then the rain came down. As they say it came down in buckets. The next day it rained a little, then last Friday it rained very heavy. Of course some of those days there were claps of thunder. Does that mean fall is coming?


How is your garden doing? People who have cukes say they are growing great. One fellow picked 58 cukes one day and 48 two days later. So how are yours doing?


Here at Windward Gardens once a month they honor one of the employees as employee of the month. They held this party last week honoring Kristina Gummor RN. She has been here for a year. She graduated from University of Maine at Augusta and lives in Woolwich. She and Jarred Pulsifer plan to be married in the upcoming September. Kristina has a 4-year-old daughter named Avery.

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