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By Francina Pearse | Jul 31, 2014

Thank You

The Hope Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank all of you who purchased dinners at the chicken barbecue last Saturday night.

Around Town

Have you been out riding around town? The Hope Community Church has some new front steps. Next the new house sitting in Herbie Bean's field.

Hope and the Great Rebellion

Tuesday evening July 16 at Hope Corner Fire Station. Thornton Batty Jr. from Spruce Head held Hope Historical Society and guests spellbound for more than an hour and a half. There was the usual account of how the war went and much more. Batty dressed in and explained the uses of the full uniform and kit a Union soldier carried. On his banjo he played songs the soldiers' sang around the camp fires: "Rally around the Flagpole," "Battle Hymn of the Republic," "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain" and the nostalgic "Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground."

Batty explained that the Maine contribution to the war and its heavy casualties was higher per capita than that of any other state. And so was Hope's. Our town, which had 1,055 people at the 1,860 census, sent 73 enlistees and 10 draftees. That's 896 of the population and between a quarter and a fifth of the adult men. Nineteen were killed -- eight in battle, one in a POW camp and 10 by disease.That's one out of every 56 men, women and children (roughly one of every 20 adult men). And a lot of the rest were wounded, without even counting stress disorders.

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