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By Francina Pearse | Jun 19, 2014


The following is a list of the voting in Hope June 10. There were 245 residents who voted, out of 1,148.

For the town of Hope positions: Selectmen: James Blanchette 80, David Bosken 86, Ryan Entwistle 55, Brittany Payson 82, Wendy Pelletier 105. For Budget Committee: Joseph Berry 189, Jean Ettlinger 183 and Bill Jones 184.

School Committee: All three of the names were written in: Alina 3, Crane 2 and Bill Jones 2. This was a three year term: Kathryn 188. Road committee for one year John Monroe 168.

Article 3 (school budget) Yes 122, No 56. Article 4 (Land Use Ordinance) Yes 110, No 49. Article 1 (CSD) Yes 165 No 72.

Votes Cast - Republican: U.S. Senator: Susan Collins 83, Governor: Paul Lepage 79 with 37 left blank. Representative to Congress (District 1): Isaac Misiuk 63, State Senator (District 12): Paula Sutton 70, Representative to the Legislature (District 95): Wesley Richardson 72, Judge of Probate: Carol Emery 80, and District Attorney (District 6): Geoffrey Rushlau 69, Sheriff no votes.

Votes Cast - Democratic: U.S. Senator: Shenna Bellows 59, Governor: Michael Michaud 70, Representative to Congress (District 1): Chellie Pingree 76, State Senator (District 12): David Miramant, Sheriff: Donna Dennison 63 and District Attorney (District 6): David Sinclair 56, Representative to the Legislature (District 95): David Miramant 68 and Judge of Probate no one.

Votes cast - Green Independent: U.S. Senator governor, Representative to Congress, State Senator (District 12), Judge of Probate, Sheriff and District Attorney were all blank. Rep. to the Legislature (District 95): Randall Parr 2.


Sympathy is extended to the family of Herbert Inman who passed away last week at the age of 102. His daughter Lois Callahan was the third-grade teacher at Hope Elementary School when my sons and others were in her class.


Abigail Blakely the daughter of Kenneth Blakely and Jill Lang was awarded the scholarship from the Ladies Club in Hope.

Chris Bresnahan and Abigail Blakely received the scholarship from the Hatchet Mt. Sno-Riders.


Boy, did it rain last Friday! Here in Hope a couple of people measured 2 1/5  inches and 2 1/4 of rain. That must have watered your gardens, didn't it?

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