Hope Elephants Reaches 10,000 Facebook 'Likes'

By Hope Elephants | Jul 31, 2014

Our followers come from 45 countries and all six of the major continents, so nothing less than an internet shout-out will do the job. Thank You! All of you. Your words of support, encouragement, and appreciation mean so much to us, and your questions about the daily lives of Rosie and Opal reinforce our understanding of how much you want to be part of their lives.

Recently we posted a photo of sweet Rosie taking a nap while lying against her sand pile with Opal, intending to be a guard, but asleep as well, standing beside Rosie with her trunk lying across her friend’s back. Another showed Opal and Rosie rolling around in the mud after a good hosing down. It’s not all mud wrestling, though. Other photos are more educational, allowing good insight into the physical therapy the two receive.

Our Facebook presence is volunteer-driven, as is much that happens at Hope Elephants, from educational presentations for visitors and music therapy sessions for Opal and Rosie to the filling of bags of Hope Elephants Pachy Poo with composted manure to be sold at our store in Camden.

Jim Laurita, DVM, the Hope Elephants co-founder, curator, and elephant manager, leads a professional team that provides state-of-the-art medical and physical therapy and nutritional support.

You, the general public, are the third important part of the human mix. Your donations fund this care, maintain our facility, support our educational and conservation outreach, and we hope you will consider supporting us financially. You can donate easily and securely through our website, whether your interest is direct funding for Hope Elephants or assistance for our current project with Asian Elephant Support (AES).  Hope Elephants, Hope, Maine, USA, is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization are tax deductible to the fullest extent permissible by law.

To learn more about our mission, make an appointment for an educational visit, download our free elementary school educational resource guide, browse our online store, and much more, please see our website at www.hopeelephants.org.

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