Honoring the Veterans in your life.

Photo by: pages from my Heritage album World war l scrapbook pages

Is there a veteran in your life? Are you wondering how to honor them?  My grandfather served during World War 1.  His pictures, memorabilia, artwork, mess kit, pieces of shrapnel were stored in barns, homes, basements, attics... and some even burned by a fire.  Until the year 1999 when we decided to DO something with those memories.  Armed with sticky notes, archival scrapbook supplies and 4 tables set up to spread out, my mom, sister and I went to work.  Slowly the memories started coming back as my mom looked at pictures of her dad, recalling stories he'd told her.  Letters, artwork, pictures, SOS cards, telegrams were all carefully placed in this archival Scrapbook.  Then the work of getting my mom to write, in her handwriting, the stories.    2 weeks later, a 3 inch thick album was completed... and from that time till now, that album gets taken out a LOT.  My kids have poured through it; visitors have perused it - the reactions are always wistful.  "I wish I could make something like this".  "I wish I had all the photos and memorabilia saved".  I wish I knew what to do with memories like these.... how to preserve them.

I am grateful to my grandfather, my dad, my uncle and many cousins that have served our County.  I am thankful that I have the a scrapbook that takes me back to what they sacrificed for me.


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