Historic Rockport: Central Street

Dec 23, 2012

This historic picture of downtown Rockport taken in 1927 from the collection of the Camden-Rockport Historical Society, shows Socony Gas located in the space formerly occupied by Rockport Ice Company. The next building is Shepherd Grocers which was replaced by First National Stores and is now occupied by Shepherd's Pie Restaurant. The trolley is shown leaving downtown on its way to Camden.

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Posted by: Jason Haynes | Dec 28, 2012 08:02

I couldn't agree more with Steve's comment.  It would be fantastic to not have to use a car!  Love the post of this old photo.


Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Dec 25, 2012 08:58

I would love to see the trolley return to our area.  Most likely not in my lifetime.  Most things eventually come back around and perhaps sometime in the future people will be smart enough to understand the importance of public transportation.

steve Carroll

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