Historic Rockland: Summer of '41

Dec 08, 2012

Newberry's was a store in downtown Rockland that featured a lunch counter. This picture of the staff was taken in August 1941, according to the back of the photograph from The Courier-Gazette files.

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Posted by: Sandra Sylvester | Dec 10, 2012 17:50

I worked there in the 50s. There used to be a bat that hung out behind the wall above the kitchen area. The customers never knew it. Yes the candy counter then was across from the lunch counter where the ladies are standing. I used to steal a few hot cashews any chance I got while I was working. Who remembers the lower floor they opened up in the 50s. I helped to tear out the walls etc.down there and helped to paint it. Great fun in those days and fun people to work with. I remember Deanna Allard, Harriet, and many others.

Posted by: Sandra Wright | Dec 09, 2012 19:39

I have this picture at home.  The one on the far left is my aunt,  Ruth Hammond Harrington. 

Posted by: RUTH ROWLING MAXFIELD | Dec 09, 2012 13:59

We 1943 babies outgrew our schools and had to go to Purchase St. School for 8th grade.  For lunch we were "walked" (single file please!) to the new South School where a hot lunch program was available.  Some of us, instead, cut out and hoofed it to Newberry's and the lunch counter for french fries and a Coke.  Ho Boy!  De-lish!  I recall the candy counter being in the right front of the store from the vantage point of the lunch counter.  Never bought anything there . . but loved standing and gazing!  I remember the smell of the store too . . . . the air sturated with the smells of frying oil and floor oil?  Good memories!

Posted by: Cathy Clough | Dec 08, 2012 18:06

 My mother worked the lunch counter when I was in high school. The smell of the store is something you never forget.

Posted by: WILLIAM ANDERSON | Dec 08, 2012 13:39

What an awesome picture.  I can remember the SMELLS of that store!!  Very unique, and impossible to describe!  And, oh, the baby chicks.  We got a blue one, and the next morning it had drowned in its water dish, and the water had turned all blue!  What a memory THAT is!  Poor chicky.  Oh, the horror!!  Cindy Anderson

Posted by: William Pease | Dec 08, 2012 13:04

Yes, I remember it well. It was the site of my first (and last) attempt at theft. As an eight-year-old that year I was sorely tempted by the toy department (over in the left rear corner of the store as I remember) & I stole some small trinket from its counter. My mother, Margaret Pease, eventually found it in my pants' pocket & asked where I got it. She surely suspected something. I finally confessed, after which she quickly convinced me that I must take it back to the store and confess to a clerk what I had done. No other recompense would do. Sheepishly, I did so, and the clerk was very nice to me for she knew that I had learned my lesson--and it was one that I never forgot, as you can read. My mother was wonderful, wise, and loving, as I hope your's was, too-- but aren't they all, or at least very nearly all?

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you.

Posted by: Carolyn Philbrook | Dec 08, 2012 09:18

Can anyone identify folks here. My Mom worked there in 1944 (Norma Curtis Meserve). She worked on the counter where in the spring they sold real baby chicks.

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