Historic Rockland inns change hands

By Stephen Betts | Nov 08, 2019
Photo by: Stephen Betts The Berry Manor Inn at 81 Talbot Ave. in Rockland.

Rockland — The Berry Manor Inn and Rockland Talbot House have new owners.

Maude & Dixie, LLC and its managing member Tammy Breymaier purchased both 81 Talbot Ave. and 73 Talbot Ave. Nov. 6 from Cheryl Michaelsen and Michael Laposta Jr.

The properties combined have 16 bedrooms. The Berry Manor was built as Victorian-style residence in 1890. The Talbot House was built in 1856.

Michaelsen and Laposta bought 81 Talbot in 1998 and in 2014 had acquired the Talbot House -- which had been the Talbot Home and earlier Home for Aged Women.

Michaelsen and LaPosta converted both into luxury bed and breakfast establishments. The Berry Manor Inn is assessed at $864,900 and the Talbot House is assessed at $610,400.

No sale price was disclosed in paperwork filed in the Knox County Registry of Deeds.

Breymaier has owned other luxury bed and breakfast establishments including the Friends Lake Inn in Chestertown, N.Y.

The sale of the two luxury bed and breakfasts followed the May 2019 sale of the Limerock Inn. Daniel and Ashley Bonneau purchased the Limerock Inn at 96 Limerock St. in Rockland from Frank Isganitis and P.J. Walter.

The Limerock Inn points out that it was the first bed and breakfast in Rockland. The Inn has eight bedrooms.

The property is assessed by the city at $679,500. The sale price of the property and buildings was $1 million.

The Rockland Talbot House at 73 Talbot Ave. in Rockland. (Photo by: Stephen Betts)
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Posted by: Valerie Wass | Nov 12, 2019 17:25

I wish Cheryl & Michael the best in their future.   I met them when Goodnow's was on the corner.  They came to the soda fountain. Told me that they had just purchased the house and were planning on turning into a bed and breakfast.   Cheryl mention that she had some bins in the kitchen that needed some work.  I told her about Coastal Copper & Slate, Inc.  and gave her Eric's number.   Yep, he fixed the bins for her and Michael and a few other things over the years.  They are honest, hard working people.  What I liked best about them both, their awesome humor.

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Nov 10, 2019 14:37

Dale, you are not too old to spank. I am turning 85 yrs. young in December and would spank you as I would have my grand and great-grand's. Rockland has so much history in it's architecture. I am sure others can see my point of view.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Nov 09, 2019 13:03

Weed in deed.  There is so many positive things happening right here in our own front yard. Of course our attitude is always a choice. That is why I will be heading to Flagship Cinema after enjoying the Community Thanksgiving dinner at St. Pete's.  https://www.abeautifulday.movie/?hs308=search&gclid=CNqs2J_b3eUCFcnzswodTeAKlQ&gclsrc=ds


Posted by: Don Dickinson | Nov 09, 2019 12:10

What Stephen said. Perhaps Dale should go downtown and buy some weed to support one of Rockland's new tax paying businesses. He needs to mellow out.  :)

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Nov 09, 2019 10:49

Dale you have a special assignment for next week.  Try to say something positive in an upcoming post.  The whole sky is falling routine is wearing thin.

Posted by: Robert M Rosenberg | Nov 09, 2019 07:54

Come on Dale. Was that necessary?


Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Nov 08, 2019 14:47

I hope the house does not change  in appearance. It surely is historic and  should be preserved. Good luck and hope for good business adventures in the future.

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