Historic Hope: Mill Pond and sawmill

Jan 06, 2013
Courtesy of: Donovan Browley, Hope Historical Society, Ref. Anna Hardy's "History of Hope"

Mill Pond in the photograph, south of Route 17 at South Hope, is no longer visible. The dam, like so many, washed out long ago, and the course of its source, Quiggle Brook, is now obscured by trees. The earliest mill on the site may have been Ephraim Bowley’s sawmill. Upstream, on the other side of present-day Route 17, was Able Fish’s grist mill, fed by water from Fish Pond. The mill structure seen in this picture is known as Halver Hart’s Mill. This building was actually the second story of the former South Hope Manufacturing Company, which was cut down and moved to the site by the dam, where Charles Fish installed the mill wheel.



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Posted by: Wayne Keiderling | Jan 07, 2013 10:09

I have parked by the east union cemetery and hiked up the brook while fishing .One can see many of the remains of the dam and the buildings large beams.You can stand on large remains of the dam to see the whole site. Thanks for the info.and photo now I know what I was exploring.There is another dam site on same brook a little past the power line on the road opposite s. hope store.This is also a very large all stone dam very close to the road the large stone works are tribute to the people who built it .I would like to know the history of this one. Any one  know anything about it???W.K.

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