Historic Camden

Apr 06, 2014
Courtesy of: Penobscot Marine Museum

Penobscot Marine Museum has a collection of historic photos of Camden and Rockport. Many places depicted will be familiar but readers are encouraged to add information when possible.

This photo depicts "Whitehall, Camden, ME."

Those who have further information about the photos should comment online at knox.villagesoup.com, email news@courierpublicationsllc.com or write Camden Herald, 113 Washington St., Camden ME, 04843.

Readers are invited to submit mystery photos of their own as well, either in person at the Camden Herald office or via email.

Comments (2)
Posted by: Dave Getchell | Apr 07, 2014 10:06

The really amazing thing is how little the Whitehall has changed in those 100 years. It's not really that much different today, thought the evening I saw 20 Ferraris parked out front (owner's club convention in progress) the view was somewhat updated!

Posted by: James L. Bowditch | Apr 07, 2014 09:36

This is an interesting picture.  The road is dirt at the time, but the car in the lower left looks like a pre-WWI model.  My guess is that the picture was taken around 100 years ago in 1914, before the US got into WWI.  Amazing changes in 100 years--but still very few flying cars.


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