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'Hidden Dimensions' at the Art Loft

Sep 27, 2019
Artwork by: Paula Apro

ROCKLAND — Paula Apro and Karen Olson explore similar concepts from two different points of view in the new "Hidden Dimensions" show at the Art Loft opening Friday, Oct. 4. Each dive deep into elements beyond the surface – that which is difficult to see or comprehend. Both Olson and Apro are taken in by the thought of representing the fluidity of time and space, whether it be a moment or a century, the smallest of particles or the vast cosmos, a single thought or the complexity of the human experience. Both artists employ photography and photo-based art processes to express these concepts.

The photographs that Apro will be displaying illustrate how the line that separates reality and illusion is often blurred, making it difficult to distinguish between what we see and what we perceive as real. She is fascinated by the world of quantum physics and energy, and it has influenced much of her latest work. You might find it hard to believe that none of her images on display have been digitally altered and all effects were done strictly in-camera. Knowing that nothing in the universe is solid, but rather just moving particles of energy is what motivates her to create illusions with her camera. But are they really illusions? What is real and what is fantasy?

In her work, Olson uses layers of hand-painted and found digital textures to blur the lines between reality and fantasy. She will display three different photo series from her ongoing project, "Visualizing Emotion."

The first segment is entitled "Hidden." It documents the deep feelings of grief and the desire to hide oneself in a cocoon-like state. The floral elements represent an inherent need to experience life alive with possibilities, even though it is only a faint hope at present.

Second is "Storms Inside Us," about those complex feelings of instability, vulnerability, fear or trepidation. Circumstance, upbringing, inherited neurological traits all contribute to the complex processes that affect our subconscious thought. Sometimes it feels like we have no control over what comes at us or goes on inside us. Like a storm, we cannot seem to track it. And sometimes, it feels like colliding storm systems inside us, powerful yet exhilarating.

The third segment, "Between Two Worlds," explores life-changing events, caught between, out of sync or in transition – that uncomfortable feeling – like you don’t quite belong in this place or time.

Three Art Loft photography students, Elizabeth Tranzillo, Lena Faber and Catharine McCann will also display their work.

What is real and what is fantasy? Come to the Art Loft and see if you can tell the difference.

The Art Loft is located at 385 Main Street, Suite 9, inside the lobby of the Thorndike Building. For more information, visit



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