Hey! We can do this!

By Benny Huckleberry as told to Liz Hoffmann | Aug 30, 2019

The past couple of weeks have been a scary time for me and my human because Ilsa was sick. She’s my canine “sister” and a purebred German shepherd whom my human adopted off the euthanasia list. She was in a New York City shelter where dogs are given only one week to get a new home. That was her one chance, and luckily my human stepped in and adopted her. It all happened about 10 years ago before I was even born!

We are siblings now though, and we’ve grown to love each other. Ilsa is a “senior” dog at 11 years old, and was in very good shape until just recently. About two weeks ago, she began to limp intermittently and was slightly lame when she got up in the morning. She would hobble around the house and shift her weight from one back foot to the other. We would go on walks and then after about five minutes, she wouldn’t want to walk anymore and would have to sit down.

My human and I were concerned, and so off to the veterinarian we went. It’s always challenging with Ilsa at the doctor’s office, because when the staff see a solid black, 80-pound German shepherd coming in, they often send a slightly nervous or anxious vibe. We dogs can pick up a lot of energy signals, and I can feel it, and Ilsa can, too. So she reacts to their scared vibe by getting scared herself and then starts snapping and lunging. It gets dangerous, everyone gets freaked out and it rapidly goes downhill from there.

With one exception. There is a wonderful man named Dr. Duffy, who sends a clear and comforting “Hey! We can do this!” kind of energy. He always looks at Ilsa and says out loud “She’s so sweet!” and he means it! Everyone, including Ilsa, then relaxes, which is wonderful. He can do all the necessary veterinarian things, and she does just fine! His attitude and vibe are that it isn’t a big deal, and you know what? Then it isn’t!

Dr. Duffy examined Ilsa, drew some blood and tested it for some tick diseases. And, it turned out that she was lame from having “Ehrlichiosis.” It’s a disease from a tick bite and I must say that I really dislike ticks. They are awful! Anyway, she’s on antibiotics now and her lameness is disappearing. Hallelujah! We are all so happy!

I wanted to share this with you, since as a result of seeing how good and bad energy vibes affect everything, my human has vowed to work on having that same kind of Dr. Duffy energy. Instead of worrying at times or being anxious, she’s going to try to just say “Hey, we can do this” and really mean it. I bet that will put everyone at ease and enable us all to get through things with less anxiety and less stress and may even result in better outcomes.

I’m going to try to do that too! When we focus on how much we really have: all of you who read my column, all of the bright, sunny days, the good food we eat and the good health we are blessed with, maybe everything else is manageable with “Hey! We can do this.” What do you think, my dear readers? Will it work?

With love, Benny H.

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