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By Ken Frederic | Aug 03, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, I sent my sister South Portland Democratic Rep. Scott Hamann’s now-infamous tweet. She was disappointed by the obscenity and hate, but she challenged me to explain why I support Donald Trump, who has also posted what some folks say are inappropriate tweets.

Here’s why:

First: I was sitting in Dallas at “Restoring Love” when I learned Ted Cruz had won his bid for the Senate. He became my favored candidate in 2016. At the convention in Bangor, I was annoyed and disappointed that Gov. Paul LePage supported Donald Trump, but I still voted for the governor and Mrs. LePage as national delegates. I thought probably the governor knew something I didn’t. Rather than make a short story long, I came to understand what he knew: Donald Trump was the candidate who might spare America the horrors of a Clinton (Obama 3.0) presidency. He knew, or at least believed, Ted Cruz would lose.

I support Donald Trump now, but not because he spared America the humiliation of "Obama 3.0" or because he is a Republican. Trump didn’t spare us: the American people overwhelmingly rejected the Obama legacy and the Democrats’ empty wagon narrative. Trump is no Democrat, but he’s also no traditional Republican, either, comfortably enjoying the perquisites of office while being the ineffective opposition. President Trump walks what he talks and is unrestrained in advocating for the values and principles I formed as a child and young adult.

He’s played the liberal legacy media for duplicitous fools, stampeding them to indulge their hate and obliterate what little credibility they had left. He’s provoked Democrats into dropping their civility pose to openly and endlessly launch absurd personal attacks, devoid of truth, logic or principle other than complete Democratic control. He understands his job is to be president of the United States, not the world, and he understands even our allies and "friends" will gladly pick our pockets, take our jobs and blame their every failure on us, assisted by our own domestic leftist fanatics. In short, he does it my way!

If there were a Libertarian party, I would be tempted. There isn’t one. Between Republicans and Democrats, there is no contest for me. I believe, as Ulysses Grant believed, that it’s the Republican Party that genuinely seeks the greatest good for the greatest number of Americans. I believe, as first Grant and later Elbert Guillory said, that the Democratic party is and always has been about nothing but complete control of every aspect of government and of people’s lives and that their every program, plan, policy and act is intended only to expand that control under the guise of charity or protection of some invented victim class.

I believe, as Robert A. Hall (Massachusetts Senate, 1973-1983) wrote, that the role of government is to protect the lives, property and freedom of its citizens. As he wrote, America has far more to be proud of in what it has given the world than to apologize for, and that Americans are exceptional in history.

As he also wrote, I “...believe in the individual and individual rights and responsibilities and I oppose collectivism, statism, and the desire of the nanny state bureaucrats to care for and control us…”

I believe in equality of opportunity and reject the notion of equality of outcomes disguised as "levelling the playing field." I know that capitalism has provided the highest standard of living ever known and that all forms of government collectivism have failed, always and everywhere. Government collectivism has always been sustained by brutally suppressing and imprisoning the people.

I believe in freedom of speech and deplore efforts to suppress or criminalize speech that some academic snowflake dislikes or cannot refute except by changing the subject and resorting to epithets, insults, accusations, obscenities and violence.

I believe it is my absolute right to practice as a proud, if incomplete, Christian. I believe those who choose to feign offense as a pretext for suppressing free expression are enemies of our Constitution. I reject the legitimacy of any "religion" that demands or condones suppression of others. I know that life begins at conception and that the willful, wanton destruction of life is evil and barbaric.

I believe that government is inherently corruptible because, unchecked, it inevitably accumulates power in the hands of a few, then tempts them to abuse that power for personal gain. We must never fail to be suspicious of politicians and never stop striving to limit the size, remoteness, continuity of individuals in office, and authority of government.

So these are but a few of the reasons I am a Republican and why I support President Donald Trump.

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Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Aug 04, 2017 18:00

Recommend Frederic reads Matt Taibbi's Book, "Insane Clown President."

Posted by: Steven and Susan Clark | Aug 03, 2017 19:53

Well Mary if you have a difference of opinion, lay it out here. A naysayer does nothing but disagree.

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Aug 03, 2017 18:29

Really, Ken, if you actually believe that  "Trump... is unrestrained in advocating for ANY values and principles"  then you are truly beyond redemption.  Trump has proven time and again that he has absolutely no principles beyond his own self-glorification and enrichment.  The stream of lies that flow unrestrained like raw sewage from his limited consciousness reveal that he is even less of a "traditional Republican" than his deluded followers can bring themselves to admit.  That he is also not a conservative but merely an opportunist is also glaringy obvious.

This nails it pretty soldly:

"The problem is not just that President Trump is selfish, insecure, egotistical, ignorant and unserious. It is that he neither fully grasps nor minimally respects the concept of honor, without which our governing system falls apart. He believes “honorable” means “obsequious in the service of Trump.” He believes everyone else’s motives are as base as his."  -The Washington Post

Kevin Williamson, correspondent for the National Review and director of the National Review Institute’s William F. Buckley Jr Fellowship Program in Political Journalism has also painted an accurate picture:

"He has had a middling career in real estate and a poor one as a hotelier and casino operator but convinced people he is a titan of industry. He has never managed a large, complex corporate enterprise, but he did play an executive on a reality show. He presents himself as a confident ladies’ man but is so insecure that he invented an imaginary friend to lie to the New York press about his love life and is now married to a woman who is open and blasé about the fact that she married him for his money. He fixates on certain words (“negotiator”) and certain classes of words (mainly adjectives and adverbs, “bigly,” “major,” “world-class,” “top,” and superlatives), but he isn’t much of a negotiator, manager, or leader. He cannot negotiate a health-care deal among members of a party desperate for one, can’t manage his own factionalized and leak-ridden White House, and cannot lead a political movement that aspires to anything greater than the service of his own pathetic vanity.”

And yet, Ken, all that just might make him the perfect example of a modern Republican.  As you have displayed in this article modern Republicans like yourself are also too willing to jettison principle for power and morality for profit.  Trump may leave a bad taste in the mouth of every real conservative, and our allies abroad, but Republicans can live with that if it furthers their own political ends, justified by the means no matter how low, no matter how base, no matter the damage to the country as a whole.  Trump and his parasitic clan may sell out this country for Putin's laundered billions but that's a price the GOP -and you, obviously- are willing to pay.

Still, I have to agree with you about the media.  Even though your statement that "the American people overwhelmingly rejected the Obama legacy" is demonstrably wrong -witness the popular vote and the overwhelming public rejection of the Republican non-health care scheme- you have nailed the media for being led by the nose by Trump's carnival barker act.  Even the comedy shows were sucked in, constantly referring to the "Trump presidency" while claiming it's impossibility and planting the idea in the weak minds of just enough voters to bend the national will toward the absurdity which now burdens and cripples this once proud nation.

By the way, if you truly believe in "freedom of speech and deplore efforts to suppress or criminalize speech" than certainly you must part ways with Trump's efforts suppress the media, or are you another "fake news" advocate that favors curtailing any "free speech" with which you disagree?  It certainly wouldn't be the first a Republican said one thing and did another.

And yes, government is "inherently corruptible" as are all human institutions because human beings are fallible.  So why do you support probably the most venal, amoral, and corrupt human being ever to hold the oval office?  Does it not bother you at all to think of the damage that this individual is doing to this country's reputation and standing in the world all so that you and your kind can see your own political agenda pushed forward?  Do you not read the comments of distinguished conservatives telling you that his man is unfit, indeed, even damaging to the office he holds?

"His fathomless lack of interest in America's path to the present and his limitless gullibility leave him susceptible to being blown about by gusts of factoids that cling like lint to a disorderly mind." -George Will

"We've got this perverse situation in which the vast analytic power of the entire world are being spent trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar."  -David Brooks.

"Trump has been ruled by compulsions, obsessions and vindictiveness, expresed nearly daily on Twitter.  He has demonstrated an egotism that borders on solipsism.  His political skills as president have been close to nonexistent.  His White house is divided, incompetent and chaotic, and key administration  jobs remain unfilled.  His legislative agenda has gone nowhere.  He has told constant, childish, refuted, uncorrected lies, and demanded and habituated deception among his underlings.  He has humiliated and undercut his staff while requiting and rewarding flattery.  He has promoted self-serving conspiracy theories.  He has displayed pathetic, even frightening, ignorance on policy matters foreign and domestic.  He has inflicted his ethically challenged associates on the nation.  He is dead to the poetry of language and to the nobility of the political enterprise, viewing politics as conquest rather than as service."  -Michael Gerson, top aide to President George W. Bush

"The President’s primary problem as a leader isn’t that he is brash and stupid, It is that he is weak and sniveling. It is that he undermines himself almost daily by ignoring traditional norms and forms of American masculinity...  He’s not strong and self-controlled, not cool and tough, not low-key and determined; he’s whiny, weepy and self-pitying. He throws himself, sobbing, on the body politic. He’s a drama queen. It was once said, sarcastically, of George H.W. Bush that he reminded everyone of her first husband. Trump must remind people of their first wife.”  -Peggy Noonan,  Wall Street Journal

Well, Ken I could write more but why bother.  Trump's horror show is running constantly before the eyes of a humiliated nation.  We don't need a running commentary by me, or you, to see that there's no light at the end of Trump's tunnel.  And we also don't need a program to know who are the cast of guilty characters that are enabling this tragic scenario, nor the political party that has abandoned principle and history to make this creature possible.  I must say I'm not surprised that you have capitulated so easily, especially after watching your chosen candidate crawl into the presence of the false God and kiss his ring.  That, I admit, almost made it worth the tragedy that was unfolding before us all.  I hope you're happy with it.

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Aug 03, 2017 14:48

And it is your right as a US citizen. I respect your right to give your opinion, though I disagree entirely with all of your thoughts!

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