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Here's how much federal aid each community may receive

By Stephen Betts | Apr 05, 2021

Knox County and the municipalities within it are expected to receive more than $10 million from the federal relief program approved last month by Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden.

The American Rescue Plan is the legislation that also included the $1,400 per person stimulus checks.

The Portland Press Herald posted a searchable database last week that provides preliminary estimates from the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on how much money each local government entity would receive.

Knox County is estimated to receive $7.7 million.

This is on top of the $18 million that the Knox County Regional Airport received last year.

Airport Manager Jeremy Shaw said Feb. 10 of the original $2,067,000 grant amount, there is $13,000 remaining. The majority of the remaining $15.9 million in grants will be spent this construction season.

The projects include replacing an existing crew house with a new building that will house both Penobscot Island Air pilots, while also offering a place for maintenance workers to stay during extended snowstorms; a terminal hangar to handle passengers and freight for the Knox County islands and a solar farm.

The American Rescue Plan is also in addition to the millions of dollars school districts received as part of last year's Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

For municipalities, Rockland is estimated to receive the most money from the American Rescue Plan with $714,337 heading the city's ways.

Rockland City Manager Tom Luttrell said the city is waiting for guidelines from the federal government on how the money can be used.

Rockland Mayor Ed Glaser said "I'm not one to count my chickens before they are hatched, and it's a long way to go before we see any hard numbers about what might be coming. I also suspect that federal dollars will come with certain restrictions on how it can be spent."

Glaser said if it is an unrestricted grant, he would love to see the City Council lower taxes, even if just for a year.

"I expect there will also be the potential for competitive grant funding for infrastructure projects, and we could certainly use it for roads, sidewalks, storm water separation, weatherization, waterfront public access, clean energy improvements, broadband or work-force housing.

"Much of that funding will probably be targeted based on the specifics of the legislation, but we will compete for many of the grants that will be available," Glaser said.

Councilor Nate Davis said "I hesitate to be too specific until we have the cash in hand (or a firm commitment for a specific number). That said, the pandemic has increased economic inequality in the U.S., and this money is meant to help recover from the economic effects of the pandemic, so I would like to try to address economic inequality directly.

"That could take the form of targeted grants, or something like the basic income pilot project I introduced last year (which failed to pass its first City Council vote), or assistance for weatherization and home improvement, or seed money for a housing land trust. I don't know yet, but I'd like to introduce these ideas for discussion when the time comes."

The amounts other municipalities are expected to receive from the American Rescue Plan for Knox County and surrounding communities are:

Appleton $136,387

Camden $476,856

Cushing $149,049

Friendship $113,058

Hope $168,191

Lincolnville $221,928

Matinicus $7,718

North Haven $35,393

Owls Head $159,816

St. George $256,623

South Thomaston $273,671

Rockland $714,337

Rockport $335,285

Thomaston $273,671

Union $224,819

Vinalhaven $112,360

Waldoboro $505,369

Warren $482,937

Washington $150,943

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Comments (8)
Posted by: Stephen Betts | Apr 06, 2021 07:29

Greg, I added Waldoboro and Lincolnville to this list because they are in the Courier and Herald coverage area. You are correct, however, they are not part of Knox County.

Posted by: Gregory S Grotton | Apr 05, 2021 19:42

I didn't realize Waldoboro was part of Knox County...pretty good chunk of change there!

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Apr 05, 2021 13:16

Wouldn't money be better spent on some sidewalk and street repairs. Many of the City sidewalks are so uneven they are hard to walk on. Lowering the taxes for one year really doesn't help the citizens as a whole. It helps property owners and next year they will go up again to pay for this year's neglect. I notice that city hall is getting a new roadway. Glad we have our priorities in order.

Posted by: ANANUR FORMA | Apr 05, 2021 12:53

I like what Ed said in essence.......... wait til we have cash in hand, until then it's a fantasy.

Posted by: Stephen Betts | Apr 05, 2021 09:30

They are now Pete. My omission.

Posted by: PETER LAMMERT | Apr 05, 2021 09:19

Mr. Betts, Thomaston is not in the above list. Was that an omission or do we not need any rescuing?

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Apr 05, 2021 08:46

I heard a rumor recently that we have some people in Washington that were sent to "represent " us.  Perhaps if asked nicely one could reach down under their desk and retrieve a large block of papers entitled "The American Rescue plan".  They would need to skip through the first 6oo pages that outline funds being sent to Giant corporations and foreign countries as well as the next one hundred detailing military expenditures to support ongoing conflicts in the middle east and of course Hunter Biden's commission check.  If they look way in the back towards the end they should find details of just how the local monies should be spent.  Of course all of this research may take several months, but don't fret their answer should still arrive before the check.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Apr 05, 2021 05:05

What an opportunity Mitch McConnell and the Republican party has to show what they are made of! President Biden has opened the door wide open with an infrastructure bill that neither Democrats or Republicans like and will certainly need workable bipartisanship ideas to pass. HURRAY!!

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