Hedgehog in the classroom

By Daniel Dunkle | Apr 21, 2014
Photo by: Daniel Dunkle Meet Lancelot, a 3-year-old African Pygmy Hedgehog.

Rockland — "There was a hedgehog on the elevator this morning."

This was heard in The Courier-Gazette newsroom on the fourth floor of the Breakwater Marketplace April 18. A little investigation led us to Lottie Wincapaw, 22, of Waldoboro, a student studying biology at the neighboring URock, University of Maine campus (also on the fourth floor).

Wincapaw had a little friend with her in history class, a 3-year-old African Pygmy Hedgehog named Lancelot. She carried him like a baby in a sling. Lancelot is nocturnal and was not particularly pleased by the camera's flash. He prefers warmer temperatures, so snuggles close to Wincapaw whenever outside.

At home, he can explore the house in his hamster ball.

Hedgehogs can be pets, but you need a permit from the state of Maine to own one.

Perhaps he will visit the building again in the near future.



Lottie Wincapaw, 22, of Waldoboro holds her pet hedgehog April 18 in Rockland. (Photo by: Daniel Dunkle)
An African Pygmy Hedgehog cuddles in a warm baby sling. (Photo by: Daniel Dunkle)
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