Heard on the Street: 'What's the best advice you've been given?'

Nov 01, 2012
"If you think positively, your life will be positive. If you think negatively, your life will be negative." — Aryana Davis, Camden

This week The Courier-Gazette reporters are asking around town, "what's the best advice you've been given?"

"Just be yourself — it doesn't pay to try to be somebody else." — Charles Dwyer, Belmont
"All you can ever do is try your very best." — Christy McGowen, Garland
"Don't take anything for granted." — Frank Zeller, Nobleboro
"Conduct yourself in a way so as not to embarrass your mother and you'll be fine." — Kevin Haj, Rockland
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Posted by: William Spear | Nov 09, 2012 00:54

You can't fix stupid.

Posted by: Ronald E Dyer | Nov 08, 2012 14:01

Coach Bob Brown at RDHS once told me "You can chose to do anything in life, good or bad, but you also have to be ready to accept the consequences of those choices, good or bad."

Posted by: Yep I Said It | Nov 06, 2012 18:39

Vote Republican!

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