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'Have you ever had the flu; did you get a flu shot?'

Jan 26, 2013
"I believe so [but] it's been awhile and, yes, I get the shot." — Wayne Marshall, Camden

The Camden Herald staff asks: "Have you ever had the flu, did you get a flu shot this year?"

"I have [had the flu] and I do get the shot." — Norman Carver, Lincolnville
"I've gotten the shot [this year]. [I've] never had the flu." — Chris Lane, Rockland
"No! I do not get the shot. The sickest I've been is when I had the shot. I almost died." — Abe Archambault, Portland (working at Camden Hannaford, remodeling)
"[I've] never gotten the shot [and] don't intend to ever get it. If I have had the flu it was mild and treated like a cold." — Dan Jones, Yarmouth (working at Camden Hannaford, remodeling)
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Posted by: Kenneth Eugene Ames | Jan 27, 2013 16:58

I never get the flu....but when I started working at bath iron works they offered free shots! So of course I got one! 2 days later I thought I was gonna die...never had one since never will!

Posted by: Jennie Demmons | Jan 27, 2013 15:12

Thank you, Mr. Spear I am feeling much better now and yes that would be 4 days too many!! 

So sorry for you Dale, better  get a shot next year for that!!!!  Scarstic statement I ASSUME!!! 

Posted by: William Spear | Jan 27, 2013 13:14

Hope you're felling better Jennie Demmons. 5 days in the hospital is 4 days too long.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jan 27, 2013 08:46

I was never so sick as the day I had to tear down my fabric covered building, no shot for that.

Posted by: Jennie Demmons | Jan 26, 2013 21:17

I get the flu shot every year and yes I had it this year.. I just got out of Pen Bay ( a 5 day stay) with the flu!!!  I have never been so sick. The doctor said I would have been a lot sicker if I hadn't had the shot.. So everybody GET your FLU SHOT!!! 

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