Happy Spring Equinox to YOU! The Sun left Pisces this morning. The Sun is now in the first sign of the zodiac= Aries!

By ananur forma | Mar 20, 2017

are you ready for this? The Sun entered Aries at 6:29 a.m. this morning.

Aries energy is fast, impulsive, daring, passionate, fun, playful .changeable, silly, courageous, contagious and very much about taking chances and creating new beginnings! whoa. Aries people know how to have fun and they don't hold back.

I'm ready for more fun in my life, that's for sure. I saw a great movie this weekend, "Hidden Figures," did anyone out there see it? Wow. They didn't write about this in my school books. Women smart, no brilliant- women working for NASA, women making a difference putting men in space? And... black women at that! Hey this movie is so great and the music had me dancing in my comfy red seat in Thomaston (love those new seats!). These women were confident, empowered and outspoken and incredibly smart! I'm sure it would've given me more confidence as a kid to know about women like this. Nope, no mention of them in school. That kinda angered me. Who else... that would inspire me was missing from my school books? Who else? Probably plain ole regular people making a difference- regular people like you and me. We exist!!!

Now that the Sun is in Aries I expect (oops = expectations are pathways to disappointment- yikes!)  to find us all a bit more empowered, silly, playful and outspoken. Actually, I see that happening already as a result of our newly "elected?"  President is a "wonderful catalyst,"  for us to discover what we want and what we don't want. I want All people to have healthcare coverage that does not hurt us in our financial pockets. Grandma and grandpa- if they need medicine they ought to have it... and not have to choose between food, heat, and medicine. What do you think? Maybe the government ought to consider holding back on the budget for NASA for a few years, to make sure All Americans have what they need- home. food, clothing, medicine and healthcare coverage that is reasonable. That's what I want. Flying around out there in the universe is not what I call a necessity. Food, healthcare & shelter .... are necessities!

p.s. written March 25  guess all the calls and emails to congress and senate helped make a difference. "power to the People," as John and Yoko used to sing out. however, I saw that NASA just got more money for the budget. this does not seem rational to me, when there are people down here on earth who are starving or have no home.

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