Happy Mother's Day from 4th grade  - Donna Munro's class in Union Elementary writes…

By DONNA H MUNRO | May 08, 2014
Photo by: Homemade Mother's day gifts. Painted plant pots, pansies, bookmarks, and letters!

Dear Mom,Thank you for helping get me my cute little cat. I love Mitsy so much and I even know how to meow to her. I love her tons and tons. She is adorable. Thank you for driving the bus for us to go on some field trips. It’s fun to go to new places with you. Thank you for having a part in taking me to Disney World, too. I loved the resort and also all of the parks there. Thank you for spending all of these wonderful holidays and times that you have spent with me. I love you when you do the Easter egg hunt with us and also for taking the time to buy the prizes. Thank you also for checking my homework so I can get a good grade and learn what I did wrong.

From your daughter,  Kassi

Dear Mom, I love you! Thank you for encouraging me when I go skiing. I’m so glad you are my mom. Thank you for being so creative and generous. You are so good at drawing. I love that you are an awesome cook. Your pancakes are delicious. I am glad that you give me so many privileges. I really love playing Minecraft with a friend over the phone. Not everyone is allowed to do that.I love hanging out with you on the island and getting ice cream and going to the beach.              Love,   Owen

Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day!Thank you for being the best mom in the world!Thank you for getting our dog, Chewy. He is the best dog. He always plays with me. He has never bit anybody, which is good.You are awesome at making the chicken, mushroom, soup, and stuffing casserole.Thank you for buying me and  Tasker gifts for our birthdays and taking us shopping for each other and then getting presents from you and dad. Remember when we went to look for tadpoles and the dog fell in the water. Then Tasker was sinking in the water and pretending to be a dog. That is a fun memory.You are one of a kind mom and the best mom that I could ever get!

Love,  Madeline

Dear Mom, Thank you for being a helpful, caring mom. I love it when you take me riding and encouraging me and helping me be non-scared.Thank you for going to work everyday to pay for my food and clothes. I’m very grateful for everything you do, like cooking, cleaning, working, caring, and most of all loving.  I love it when we go on a “treasure hunt.”I know you’re always there helping and encouraging. You always boost my confidence and I love you!

Your grateful daughter, Autumn

Dear Mom,You’re a great mom!  You still find a little time to do stuff with me even though you have to take care of Lauren. You take me to baseball and you get me great birthday presents.You are really good at baking and cooking. You make great homemade mac and cheese for lunch, waffle for breakfast, and soup for dinner.You are also good at crafts, for example, the charcoal drawings on wood were a good idea!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Aiden

Dear Mom, Thank you for putting food on the table and having caring eyes that watch over me in times of risk. You’re as sweet as candy and your heart is as gold as a trophy. My heart is filled with glory when you say goodnight. When I’m down in the dumps you make me fly like a bird.        Thank you for doing so much, like when you hide the Easter baskets and care so much to get presents on holidays.Thank you for saving money that your earn for trips, food, and clothes. You’re the best, most caring, reliable Mom in the history of the world!

Your Son, Issak

Dear Mom, I am so happy that you always make great meals that taste like heaven. I think that you make the best French toast. It is a great use for the million eggs we have. Speaking of eggs, you have a lot of patience for Max and me when we break the eggs.Thank you for helping me do my homework. I would never get A’s without you. My game was fun to make. I am glad you help me with spelling when it is hard. It is a lot of fun to go on trips with you. My favorite was going to DC. We saw a lot!

Love, Your Son,   Jethro

Dear Nana,Happy Mother’s Day!   Thank you for cooking with us like those sugar and molasses cookies you made for us. Remember that time when you took me to Augusta and I wanted the whole store. Thank you for getting us chickens. They’re getting beg. It doesn’t really bother me that they’re meat chickens. We’re getting more soon. Thank you for buying us presents on holidays. You are so generous. And for letting us decorate the bulletin board like the winter scene we worker on forever. Now we are working on a spring scene. It’s getting prettier and prettier every time we work on it. I love your creativity.         From your grand daughter,   Grace

Dear Mom,  Mom, thank you for doing all the fun stuff that you have done with all four kids.  It must be hard. Thank you for bringing us camping and swimming. It is so much fun! Remember when we got Willow and he was really fun. He is still fun to play with him. I miss Sadie. She was fun, too. Thank you for getting me cats.  It is cool how can do two things at once while you’re talking to us.  You can do paperwork and computer work while you pay attention to us.  I love your cooking, especially Hamburger Helper and green beans casserole. They are so yummy.   I can’t believe you let me have ten friends over on my birthday. You are awesome!                                         Love you,  Hannah

Dear Mom,       Right from the start you wre there to protect me through ups and downs and keep me warm. As I grow up I realize how much you mean to me.  Your cooking is great and your sweets are creative and delicious.   You taught me to speak Spanish and I’m still learning.    You’re kind, nice and generous by spending most of your free time with me. I appreciate all of those things so much. I wish you the best, most wonderful Mother’s Day ever!  I love you!

Love,  Jillian

Dear Mom,       Thank you for being a fun and loving mom that I love so much. You are so helpful and kind. You are so helpful and kind. You have always been there for me from when I was born. Whenever I am down you cheer me up. I love you so much.   I hope you have a great Mother’s Day!                            XOXOXOX,     Dominic

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