Gun fired during Hope home invasion

By Stephen Betts | Feb 10, 2019
Source: File photo

Hope — Police are searching for two men who broke into a Crabtree Road home and fired a gun during a home invasion.

The incident was reported about 4 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 9.

Allegedly, two men entered the residence and started looking for something by turning over furniture, according to Knox County Sheriff Tim Carroll.

There were two men at the residence at the time of the home invasion. The person who rents the house was not home. Of the two men there, one immediately ran out the back door to go to a neighbor's house and call for help.

The other man was confronted by the two assailants, who held a gun to him and demanded money. One shot was fired through the floor of the residence to threaten the man.

The two assailants quickly left after not being able to find what they were apparently looking for, the sheriff said. Police believed they were in a truck that they had parked up on the road away from the residence.

Police say they believe this was a target-specific occurrence and that the general public is not at risk, as it was not a random home invasion.
Both of the victims are assisting with the investigation, and evidence was gathered at the scene. Other potential witnesses and information will be investigated as the Knox County Sheriff's Office patrol and criminal investigation divisions continue to work the case.
"As we always ask, if you should see something or hear something, (especially in the middle of the night) that appears out of the ordinary, say something by calling the Knox County Regional Communications Center and letting us investigate," the sheriff said.
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Posted by: Steven D Bryant | Feb 10, 2019 12:41

It's not Boston or NYC so odds are in favor of the police and CID to solve this one. Someone is heading to prison all for a few bucks and some drugs. More young lives ruined.

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