GUEST SPEAKER: Brad Walker, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Central Maine

Do you know what’s really special about us here at CSBC?   NOTHING! Absolutely nothing!  If you are looking for a perfect church then you are going to be very disappointed with us.  At CSBC you’ll find real people, with real problems, who live real lives, and are all learning to love a real God whose grace is more than enough for all our needs. You see, here at CSBC we don’t need to cling to our own “special-ness” or “goodness” because of the cross of Jesus Christ.  At His cross we find that we are really not so “good” after all.  In fact, we discover that we are unquestionably guilty and yet can be unconditionally forgiven. At Jesus’ cross we learn that He does not want to condemn us in our sins but to save us from them.  At the cross we find that God receives us just where we are but He loves us enough not to leave us there.  God can and will change lives.  He is changing us and can change you as well. So here at CSBC there are only people.  People like me.  People like you.  People like us.  People who desperately need God’s grace.  Everyone is welcome to come and receive that grace.  We invite you to join us on this life-changing journey.    Welcome Home to Chestnut Street Baptist Church!

The vision of Child Evangelism Fellowship is to give every boy and girl an opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to know the Lord Jesus in a personal way. We have two key ministries: Good News Club ® is run during the school year and 5-Day Club® is run during the summer. Along with those ministries we have added other ministries such as children's rallies, Day Camps, Vacation Bible Schools, Fair ministries, and others. To carry out these programs we have training provided for volunteers who teach and lead. Training is provided for Good News Club workers throughout the year; once a year a Christian Youth In Action™ (CYIA) training school is held for teenagers and young adults.

Child Evangelism Fellowship of Central Maine is a local chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Maine Inc. Our mission is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the boys and girls of the Knox, Waldo, Penobscot, Piscataquis, and Somerset counties. All personnel agree annually to teach the truths of the CEF Statement of Faith to the boys and girls.

The Central Maine ministry is overseen by a committee which is made up of: Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Blodgett, Miss Priscilla Dean, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Lowe, Betty Pratt, Pastor & Mrs. Gil Reed and Pastor Sam Mckeen. The staff members are Brad Walker (director), Karen Partridge and Jonathan Dowdy. 

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Our Committee   

The local chapter is governed by a committee of people concerned with the souls of children. It functions under CEF of Maine Inc., and is the official body responsible for the work of the fellowship in Knox, Waldo, Penobscot, Piscataquis, and Somerset counties. The local director and staff report on a regular basis to the committee.

Brad Walker has been working with the Central Maine Chapter of CEF for over 11 years. He is responsible for teacher training and Good News Club ministry in the Greater Bangor area. He provides leadership for the Hermon property and its development as a day camp site. In the summer, Brad directs the River of Life Bible Camp in Maxfield, Maine in partnership with CEF. Brad, his wife, Alecia, and their children live in Hermon at the Central Maine headquarters.


Coffee & Sunday School 9:30 a.m. (nursery available for up to age 4)

Morning Worship Service, 10:45 a.m. (nursery available for up to age 4)

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