Groundhog spreads winter cheer at Knox Center

Feb 07, 2014
Esther Ranquist gets a hug from Wood "Chuck" Berry.

Rockland — Groundhog Day — the fun February celebration between the winter and spring solstices — once again brought smiles to the faces of Knox Center for Long Term Care residents.

On Feb. 3, residents were entertained by groundhog trivia and enjoyed what is now an annual visit from Wood “Chuck” Berry and his shadow. Accompanying “Chuck” and his shadow were Angelina Rock and Cheryl Michaelson of the Berry Manor Inn, who delighted residents by handing out groundhog-shaped chocolates.

“I enjoyed seeing the big groundhog, and I liked the guy [his shadow] who was following him,” said resident Esther Ranquist in a news release. “However, I hate winter and I hate the snow, so therefore the groundhog (with a prediction of six more weeks of winter) was wrong in my book! If winter ends tomorrow, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings!”

Phyllis Johnson shakes hands with the groundhog during a visit to the Knox Center.
Harold Achorn and Wood "Chuck" Berry pose for a photo.
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