Green bananas

By Stell Shevis | Apr 07, 2016

Once upon a time I used to keep my green bananas in the clothes dryer. Because it was cool and dark in there, I thought it would keep them from ripening too fast.

Since I can no longer drive, my nice house helper shops for me once a week. Well, three years ago, I had a fractured vertebrae (after working too long in the garden), and had to spend both days and nights in my recliner.

A phone call from my good friend Nancy F. saying she was on her way to visit me and could she bring me anything? I said I could use two or three green bananas, as I was getting low. Half an hour later I heard her come in the front door.

She called from the kitchen to say, "where shall I put the bananas?" I called back, "in the dryer, please!" I heard the metallic clang as the lid closed and thanked her, suggesting she make us a cup of tea. We had a good visit. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends!

The next day my helper was doing the laundry. As she was removing the damp clothes from the washer, she pulled up a bunch of bananas! Nancy had dropped them in the wrong machine! I managed to use the walker to get to the kitchen to see what had happened.

"Shall I put them in the compost?" she asked. "No, no they're CLEAN... the skins didn't come off. Don't tell Shevis... we'll slice them up for supper." They were nicely ripened from the hot water, and tasted fine!

After my back healed, I could do my own laundry again. There was a heavy load this time and I should have done two separate loads for the dryer, but decided to put it all in at once. The machine protested by making more noise than usual, but I paid no attention, and went upstairs to work on a project in my studio.

When I came down later to remove the dry clothes, I found a real MESS! Everything was coated with mashed banana! It took two separate loads in the washing machine to clean every item again and cleaning the inside of the dryer was a nasty job.

Lesson learned!

Now any green bananas sit in a basket on the counter where I can keep an eye on them!

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Posted by: William Pease | Apr 08, 2016 13:27

I love it! I can easily see myself doing the same doggone thing. And, yup, I do my own laundry, but I will certainly know enough now not to leave my unripe bananas in the clothes washer. I'll just continue to keep them in a bowl beside the dining room window where I can keep my eyes on them. I'll bet, though, that the dark clothes washer did a much better job of keeping the bananas fresh longer.

Many thanks for a delightful read and friendly warning.


Bill Pease, Lancaster, PA (but a Rocklander and Mainer still at heart)

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