Grabbing Water From A Jug

By Rob Pfeiffer | Apr 04, 2016
The sun is out and the air is clear and fresh after a wonderful overnight rain soaked everything. All the vegetation looks refreshed and an even brighter green than usual. My fears are allayed for the day at least, as the dry air and heat during the last few days had me fearful that rain was pretty much over. My thoughts are quite often on water: its sources, its delivery, and how much it takes to water everything we have planted here. I will never look at Mirror Lake (or any other of our beautiful bodies of water for that matter) in the same way again. What a difference a reservoir of some sort would make. When it rains here, I would guess that about 90% escapes downhill, creating erosion as it goes. What a waste when you only need to look ahead a month to see everything retreating into shells to survive until the next drop of water arrives. As I water plants, it feels as though they are desperate and "grabbing"the water from my jug. Today, there is a sense of peace about the whole place as the plants are all satiated.
Two notable events happened yesterday and last night. First of all, we now have four patrol groups who go to the forest on a rotating schedule. The group yesterday (an ardent group very serious about their work) caught a poacher, gun and all, and later at night, a logger working under the cover of darkness to avoid detection. A red letter day for sure. Both of these culprits face stiff fines and jail time for their offenses.
April Fool's Day (another of my favorite "holidays") passed without too much chicanery I'm sorry to say. No one here knows anything about such a day so they were a bit surprised when I was even more bizarre in my behavior than usual. So, after awhile, I lapsed back to my usual zaniness and all was "normal" again. That is some of the news from Malawi.
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