Governor visits Rockland

Feb 28, 2014
Courtesy of: Pam Gushee Posing for a photo with Gov. Paul LePage Friday, Feb. 28 is, from left, Brenda Pendleton, Sandi LaChance and Pam Gushee.

Rockland — The Waterworks Restaurant had an unexpected visit Friday, Feb. 28, when Gov. Paul LePage stopped in for lunch.

LePage said the "lunch was great," and he was very friendly, according to Sandi LaChance of Cushing, who was also dining at the restaurant.

LePage is in town for the Maine Fishermen's Forum at the Samoset Resort in Rockport. The forum runs through Sunday, March 2.


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Posted by: paula sutton | Mar 03, 2014 10:30

First Lady Ann LePage has done an amazing amount of work on behalf of Veterans in this State and participates yearly in an event that distributes wreathes to Arlington National cemetery.  The wreathes are made in Maine.


Posted by: Kathleen D Daley | Mar 02, 2014 09:37

LePage talks big about getting the healthy young off welfare, but he's actually done nothing to accomplish that. Instead he has taken Medicaid/Quimby away from the elderly. He promised not to do that when campaigning. He promised to protect the elderly. LePage is a typical politician. What he says and actually does are two very different things. Of course, I'm sure his pockets are lined well.

Posted by: Nathan D Marvin | Mar 02, 2014 08:16

I hope they didn't serve more of that tea he has already consumed far too much of.  It seems to cloud his judgment and make him rather boorish.  On the other hand, I'll be more than happy to serve him all he wants at his retirement party at the end of the year.  :-)


Posted by: Jane Flannery Hall | Mar 01, 2014 20:26

I'm with you Amanda!

Posted by: Conrad J Heyer | Mar 01, 2014 19:28

Well have some respect,after all he is the governor,



Posted by: Catherine Cooper | Mar 01, 2014 18:11

I just love Governor Paul LePage and how he is trying to take Maine from being one of the 11 states in a death spiral where 49% of the people support 51% of the people. Get those 20 somethings who can work but claim they have 'anxiety' and the unwed moms pumping out kid after kid to collect welfare, off their asses and get them to work.

Posted by: Amanda Parten | Mar 01, 2014 16:05

Norman  ~ "Corrupt" is the word. I would have more faith in the former Mayor Cianci from Rhode Island than I do with the likes of Mr. LePage.  He's a big bully. Cianci clearly had the best interests for the town of Providence, with his willingness to support the arts, take bribes (but in a good way), and have a heart. LePage is just a man that wants to make a name for himself. He seems quite heartless to me. Then again, this is just my opinion. Soon we can all decide whether to get rid of this parasite, or move forward to a better party.


Posted by: Wayne Keiderling | Mar 01, 2014 12:46

PAM, Could you not tell the gov. of our prime waterfront real estate?  Miss u at dance.

Posted by: Dianna K Trueman | Mar 01, 2014 09:30

The Feds investigating anyone is a joke.  Who's investigating them is the real question. He has my vote in the up coming election.

I'm with you Mr. Allen.  I have been in some form of public service for most of my adult life and the stories of system abuse I could tell are endless and daily.

Posted by: Norman D Carver | Mar 01, 2014 08:38

There are a lot of people being investigated by the feds due to the corrupt nature of the administration presently in charge in DC ,so I wouldn't put much stock in that statement.

Posted by: Ed Allen | Feb 28, 2014 18:05

Im tired of dragging dead beats around. You got my vote again . thank you very much.


Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Feb 28, 2014 16:52

Wonder if he had a hydraulic sandwich for lunch.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Feb 28, 2014 16:50

Go Paul Go. Go back to Marden's.

Posted by: Jim Gamage | Feb 28, 2014 16:11

Go Paul, GO!!!

Posted by: Mark W Ranney | Feb 28, 2014 15:01

Hope his car can handle the potholes.

Posted by: Amanda Parten | Feb 28, 2014 14:29

I certainly hope he enjoys his celebrity status in Rockland, for now. Fact is, he is now being investigated by the Feds and I, for one, hope they all see the light with this shady character. This should have never been a "top news" story by The Village Soup. Just saying...


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